Laning in Shropshire 24/02/2019

Starting on this Blog and subsequent Blogs, we suspect that everyone is aware, but just in case we get some “viewers” of our Blogs and our 4×4’ing ventures around England and Wales, to be sure that everything we do is legal.

I  wanted to ensure that everyone is aware and that promote Legal Green Laning through these organisations:

  1. All Terrain UK (All Terrain UK) –
  2. TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) –
  3. CALM (Countryside Access for the Less Mobile) –

Most of our Jimny Owners (sometimes we let the “token” LR owner out with us – lol) who go out on monthly Trips are either in GLASS or All Terrain UK or like me, are in both GLASS and All Terrain.


Who are GLASS

Formed in 1995, GLASS is the National User Group for those who enjoy using the Country’s network of ancient unsurfaced public roads and vehicular rights of way. We are a not for profit association dedicated to driving, protecting and researching our unique heritage of unsurfaced public highways. We promote legal and responsible driving as a way of enjoying the countryside, campaign against irresponsible use and aim to keep them open for all to use.

What we do

On a local or county level, we meet for ‘Laning’ trips that are organised in accordance with our code of conduct. We campaign against illegal obstructions and for all routes to be correctly signed and recorded.

GLASS attempts to keep you informed of what’s happening to our rights of way up and down the country by means of our monthly bulletins, web forum and through an organisational structure of area representatives. We also publish a magazine twice a year.

GLASS helps educate all users to utilise the network sensibly and sustainably, where problems do exist, we take an integral role in rights of way management. We provide a voice for users of unsurfaced Rights of Way either through our area representatives talking to local highway authorities or our national officers getting our point of view over to the Government, the Press and others.

Member benefits

Glass offers its members access to information and advice, a bi-annual magazine, monthly digital bulletins and full access to TrailWise, our comprehensive on-line database of rights of way in Great Britain.

We also have a network of local representatives who can offer local knowledge and ideas on route planning to our members.

Plus… Members website and forum; Member discounts on selected suppliers; Member of LARA, with a voice at government level; Legal challenges; Knowledge base; Lane based projects.


Join All Terrain UK:      

ABOUT All Terrain UK:

All Terrain UK promotes responsible, sustainable and enjoyable green laning. We are approachable and 100% accountable to our members, operating to highest levels of transparency at all times.

Our network of local representatives regularly arrange family friendly meets and provide members with local knowledge, as well as hosting other events such as map reading workshops, smart trail tutorials, and green lane awareness days.

Membership gives you access to our forum, where you are able to share or download routes from our library of GPX files. Our financial activities are also published on the forum for all members to see, with details being updated regularly.

Members also have access to our maintenance fund, from which, they can apply for project funding. Our projects to date include; lane clearances, gate and fence repairs and provision of way marking signage. Funds can be sought by members, for any project that helps keep our green lanes open and accessible to ALL users.

Smart Trail- Our exclusive mapping database is available to members. Smart Trail will help you to research routes, ensure their legal status and share information on the condition of specific lanes.

OK, thats our disclaimer and our promotion for any Green Laners be they 2 wheels or 4 wheels should get behind an organisation to ensure that our past-time stays intact!


So, back to the the really important stuff … The Blog …

Lane000 Intro Group photo

We all met at the ex-pub called The Acton Arms in Morville.

We had arranged to meet at 8:00AM, and spookily we all arrived within 5 minutes of each other, considering the Very Foggy conditions and the length of journeys we had to make that was impressive:

Brett      75miles

Adam    105miles

Kev         130miles

Left to right in the picture we have Kev and his faithful bitch Freja in his Blue Jimny, then Brett (Billy No mates) in his Green Jalapeno, and then Adam and his Father-in-Law (To Be) in his Silver Jimny.

After a meet and greet and a quick natter – no brekky here and no locally known café, and we had previously agreed to eat en-route, we left the meet point at 8:30AM.

The “first lane” of the day was just a few miles around the corner (which is why we met at Morville, Shropshire) was at a local village called Lower Faintree.

As we left the tarmac for the Byway, there was an ambulance blocking the way forward, all seemed ok with it, so we proceeded onwards, but just before the actual Byway, silly old Brett hadn’t undone his swanky JimnyBits ARB Quick Disconnect Kit – a neat addition that when the ARB is attached when driving on tarmac to stops the sea sickness, but when removed gives the Off-Roader greater articulation.

Oh, and for this and subsequent Blogs we are showing Trailwise2 Lane IDs (free with GLASS) and the All Terrain UK Smart Trail IDs (Smart Trail is free when you join All Terrain UK)

Lane001 Lower Faintree


SMT ID          

Here is the two videos of Lower Faintree that Brett took:



A few miles on tarmac for the next lane at Loughton, we had never done this before, but Brett found it on TW2 and with it being SmartTrail, then it was a goer

Lane002 Loughton



Then a bit more tarmac to find Clee St. Margaret, and what “used to be a great lane” until someone graded it (Boo Hiss). We drove UP Peckledy turned around mid-lane and drove back down it the way we came.

Lane003 Peckledy



We left Peckledy onto a bit more tarmac to next lane after a very nice church in Cleeton St. Mary onto Silvington Common.


Lane004 Silvington Common



A short “C” road to next lane at Hill Houses


Lane005 Hill Houses



A short “C” road to next lane at The Foxholes


Lane006a The Foxholes


SMT ID                 Not on SMT (yet)

A few “C” roads to next lane at Duddlewick. This leave the “C” opposite a dismantled railway (there seems to be a few of these in the area?) and the UCR starts after a White Road and End onto a White Road.


Lane006b Duddlewick



About 2miles on “C” roads to next lane, after on the look-out for Bilbo Baggins in a little village called Bagginswood.


Lane007 Baveney



After the pleasant drive through Baveney Wood, we “ideally” just need to drive “as the crows fly” just 2miles … but the River Severn prevents this, so you can either drive North to Bridgnorth or South West and go through Bewdley. We went through Bewdley on this trip, as it was a town I used to visit EVERY SUNDAY (way way back in 1973 when I had a Triumph Bonneville – good times) anyway, I ramble … once through Bewdley, we turned Left onto the B4190 towards Franche passing signage for Habberley Valley, which also brought back memories (we used to there at night with “chicks” on the motorbikes – so no more!) … anyway, get back the 4×4’ing Brett …. Turn Left onto A442 North looking for lanes around Alveley.

I saw this on the Memory Map and wondered why I hadn’t plotted it on the route. good job as we got to the start it was TRO.

So back onto A442 to find the excellent Pipe Lane at Turley Green

Lane008 Lake House TRO



Lane008 Lake House TRO

So a quick 180 and back onto the A442 and back onto the route looking for Turley Green


Lane009 Turley Green



Lane009b Pipe LaneLane009a Pipe Lane

After Turley Green (known locally as Pipe Lane) we drove through Alveley and back onto A442 North, missing Hampton Loade on this trip, to TURN RIGHT after Quatt to find another excellent Byway known as Wotton. Sadly, the “OFF-PISTE” twats go here at night and ruin the lane!!



Just South of Alveley is a Byway, that I have always thought of as CLOSED with a TRO, so we stopped to take a photo from the Western End, as the Eastern End it is VERY HARD to stop on the busy A442



Lane009c after Pipe Lane

From this end, it certainly looks like clearing has been taken place?!!

Anyway, we didn’t drive it, but just added here to remind me to contact GLASS and/or All Terrian to see if the TRO has been removed??

So, back onto the A442 and heading northerly on the A442 to find the next Byway and FORD at Wotton


Lane010 Wooton

After Wotton back on “C” Roads and cross over the A458 towards Morfvalley FIRST RIGHT to find the nice but short Byway at Farmcote.


Lane011 Farmcote



After Farmcote, we stopped at the bottom of the now infamous “Milk Tray Man Lane” where I took a photo of the HUGE Stone …

Lane012c Milk Tray Lane

Continuing through Farmcote and Upper Farmcote to find the next Byway from Upper Farmcote to Woundale.

We stopped halfway (I know, SHOCK HORROR) to let Freja out for a piddle a bite to eat, whilst we had a natter and some grub.

Lane012e Upper Farmcote (Freja)Lane012d Upper FarmcoteLane012c Upper Farmcote


Lane012 Upper Farmcote



After Woundale we drove towards Claverley to drive the Byways and UCRs around this quaint village with BMW drivers who don’t use their indicators.

Oh, I drive a BMW, but my indicators do work, but I can understand why lots of people complain about BMW drivers.

After Claverley, Adam’s Jimny was “steaming” as he’d forgotten to switch ON his electric Kenlowe Fan … we waited for a few minutes for it to cool down before continuing. I’m sure that if Mr. Blogger was there, he’d have taken a photo, but he was at home keeping his couch from flying away!!


Lane013 Claverely



After Claverley a short “C” road to next lane at Sandford


Lane014 Sandford



A short “C” road to next Byway at Draycott


Lane015 Draycott 



After Draycott, time to undo our Hubs as we had a few miles of Tarmac to find next lanes at Buildwas and Watery Lane (Leaton). The journey took us through Ironbridge, and as the SUN WAS OUT, so were the frigging Tourists!!

A note to anyone reading this BLOG …. ** DO NOT GO TO IRONBRIDGE IN THE SUMMER ** it’s CRAZY BUSY!!

Buildwas UCR was just short drive after Ironbridge and passing The Wrekin (Kev said this a good place to go MTB’ing – I think that’s what he said??!)


Lane016 Buildwas 



A cracking UCR that ends up in Little Wenlock, and for us a short trip on tarmac to get under the M54 to find Leaton and its allegedly Watery Lane.


Lane017 Leaton



Watery Lane … Stew Fine lives here (LOL)


After Watery Lane, more undoing Hubs as lots more tarmac to find next Lane at Cowley and Upper Cowley.


At Cowley there are people with Metal Detectors in most of the fields around, apparently, it’s an area of an old Roman village …




Lane018a Cowley

Lane018b Upper Cowley

Lane017f Upper Cowley TunnelLane017e Upper Cowley TunnelLane017d Upper Cowley TunnelLane017c Upper Cowley Tunnel



After doing the UCR at Cowley, then passing Treasure Hunters, we stopped halfway down the UCR at Upper Cowley to see the “Tunnel”

Onwards after Upper Cowley to Cotonwood





Lane019 Coton

A short “C” road to next lane at Sutton




Lane020 Sutton

Lots of tarmac roads on “B” roads and A41, leaving it at “another” Sandford” to find Prees, Prees Station and a village called Coton. Here there are three UCRS almost back to back .. Coton Park Farm, Alders Farm and Dobson’s Bridge … all are squidgy as they all skirt a branch-off from the Llangollen Canal.




Lane021 Coton Park Farm

After Coton  Park Farm a short drive to Alders Farm





Lane021 Alders Farm




Lane022 Dobson’s Bridge

After Dobson’s Bridge, skirting (nice word that – lol) Wem and now south towards Alderton and the great UCR towards Bilmarsh

Half way up Bilmarsh, we had to remove a fallen twig.

At the top of Bilmarsh we did a 180 and went back down it to Alderton.




Lane023 Bilmarsh

Now in Alderton, aiming towards Myddle and up the A528 towards the UCR at Burlton




Lane024 Burlton

A short “C” road to next UCR at a “stinky” (yes it smelled awful) at Cockshutt (Kev thought it should’ve been called Arseshutt – lol)




Lane025 Cockshutt

And a short drive to next lane, Crosemere …




Lane026 Crosemere

A short “C” road to next lane at Crosemere, but the way forward was locked by a Chain that had obviously been around the tree for a few years

Croesmere Gate

So back through Crosmere, to find the planned last lane of the day at Colemere.

On our last years’ trip on this route, where we also had Colemere as Last Lane of the day (or as we like to call them Penultimate Lanes, as history says to us that the last lane is always where trouble occurs!!)

Anyway, I decide to show Kev and Adam and Steve where Colemere ends onto the A528 to see how T&S it is….

We agree that it is indeed Very Tight and Very Scratchy, and the plan was to go look at the other end of the lane (Colemere end) and drive until it gets narrow and have a walk down it to see if it’s “passable” for Jimny’s.

Indeed, it was TIGHT …

Kev (ever the Borneo King) was keen, and rightly so as it turned out was keen to walk it, and at the same time remove small trees and bushes to “let Jalapeno loose” as he said (very righty) “This is just the sort of T&S Lane that Brett and Jalapeno loves” …

I’ll let the videos do the talking …

We arrived at Colemere around 4:30PM and drove off the UCR at 6:00PM – well wort the effort, even if tree did jump out on me, to steal my Left Front N/S Wing …



Lane027a Colemere

Lane027b Walk1 Colemere

Lane027c Jalapeno Colemere

Lane027d Ken Colemere

Lane027e Walk2 Colemere

Lane027f Jalapeno after ColemereLane027g Jalapeno after Colemere

Kev after Colemere

It was now almost dark and time to depart on all our differing journeys home, so just the last thing to do, to record the Closing Remarks





Annual Christmas Trip in the Ceiriog Valley 30/12/18

Tradition has it that we meet at McDonalds in Chirk for brekky, and then head of for a “gentle“ day 4x4ing in Ceiriog Valley (*ahem*)  … there were some “casualties” throughout the day – nothing serious or life-threatening, just a few unexpected hiccups!

Lineup at McDs in Chirk (Colin photo)

Lined up, as is the norm, left to right – Brett’s with his Green Jimny (Jalapeno), Phil Summerfield with his recently finished project, a very tidy Red Jimny Tray Back (Scorpion), Riccy and Joel in his huge Silver/Grey Jimny, Colin Cook and his GB Gary Wrench in his Red Jimny (Rooster) and a newbie to the group in his Navy Blue Jimny is Darren Williams.

It was noted later in the evening by Colin that Brett (green Jimny on the left) has obviously had a new CB Antennae from Santa Claus :0)

getting ready to dish out Mugs

Whilst in McDonalds, our normal Blogger (Dave Jones who is in his sick bed with a severe chest cold, had kindly ordered the group some unexpected Crimbo presents for the Crimbo Laning Group … here is Santa Maverick waiting for everyone…

JJ Crimbo Mugs

and here is everyone enjoying their “mugs” – maybe Dave & Brett have started new Crimbo tradition? On the Left front to back we have Joel, Brett top left corner, and Duncan (his head in Joel’s mug – ha ha ) and on the Right front to back we have Colin, Riccy, Gary and Phil … a right bunch of ???!! (4×4’ers).

Leaving Chirk McDonalds and a couple of miles on tarmac to find the first Lane of the day BTL

Here is Brett’s customary Intro video, preparing everyone for the first lane of the day, we know it as BTL (Brown Trouser Lane – normally only for Motor Bikes and Crossers, but wide enough for any brave [aka stupid] Jimny owners.

Here is the video (with one of them gimble thingy) from inside Riccy & Joel’s Silver/Grey Jimny … Riccy was last in the group for most of the day, ensuring all gates are closed. We chat (aka banter) via CB Radio to ensure any closed gates are closed by the last vehicle in the group .. of course we leave any Open gates Open!!

So onwards to the next lane of the day Ty’n Celyn, here are photos taken by Riccy and Joel.




Joel eyeing up Dinner

Here is Brett’s video of Ty’n Celyn (note the Crossers on the right towards the end of the lane, waiting for us to pass, so they could go “off-piste” up the steep hill on our left… we saw this same group on many other lanes throughout the day, also lined up when on Pheasant Steps, waiting to go off-piste … It still “amazes me” why people do this!!

So Ty’n Celyn completed just a couple of miles of tarmac to find the next lane which was Pen-lan or Alti Badi … here are some photos taken by Riccy.


Dave Jones, our Master ‘poorly’ Blogger likes to collect the lovely blue signs “Unsuitable for Motor vehicles” (Anaddas i gerbydau modur – obv just jibberish) … so Riccy took one to keep him happy – GWS Dave



Riccy & Joel are still last in the group, so here we see Phil in his Jimny Tray Back, Darren and Colin up front … struggling with his Transfer Box jumping into neutral – lame excuse, if you ask me going up Pen-lan.

Of course, Brett is leading and had no trouble getting up the first Rock Step in his Jalapeno :0)

Brett’s video going up Pen-lan

Riccy going up Pen-lan

Pen-lan completed, no problems, except for an alleged sticky transfer box woe, so onwards on tarmac heading south towards Glyn Ceiriog and aiming west to find Cefn Canol, or as the 4×4 community like to call it – Vee Gulley (not sure why LOL).


Tarmac roads towards Glyn Ceiriog


Riccy & Joel following Phil (Jimny Tray Back) at the starting section of Cefn Canol

Brett’s video leading the way up Cefn Canol (Vee Gulley)

As you can see, Cefn Canol (Vee Gulley) is not a lane for the faint hearted …

You need to pick a line and stay with it. And to be honest, it has gotten a lot easier in recent years, as I recall the Vee Gulley being more severe – or am i just getting old?

Every time Gary Wrench comes with us, which is not very often as he has sold his excellent Jimny and gone over to the Dark Side (no, he hasn’t bought a Lard Rover) but instead he has bought himself a Crosser (probably just a mid-life crisis)…. anyway, stop rambling on Brett … So, one year, we were driving up the Vee Gulley and Gary (in his Jimny) was in front of Ben “Aussie” Cook (Ben has emigrated down under – hello Ben) and Ben was in his huge and capable Toyota LJ and he had never driven up the Gulley, so Gary said over the CB …. just follow my line and you’ll be ok…. and then before you could blink, Gary had put his Jimny on its side!!! (Ha Ha)  – Gary was ok, just a busted Rear O/S Quarter window …. I mean, who breaks rear quarter windows (lol)… luckily Ben decided to take his own route up Vee Gulley :0)

So, Vee Gulley completed and no breakages this year, it’s onto the tarmac to find a nice T&S (Tight and Scratchy) lane towards a village called Pandy on the B4500.


The above photo is about half way down the UCR crossing a nice scenic stream.

Brett’s videos in two parts of Pandy down

Brett’s videos in two parts of Pandy down

Riccy’s video of Pandy

So Pandy completed, we turned Left onto the B4500 heading back towards Glyn Ceiriog and then we turned right onto the B4579 and through Pentre Cilgwyn onto the next lane under Bedwlwyn and passing Bryniau Farm.


Here the group is waiting for Brett to open yet another Gate and ahead in the distance (you will see in Brett’s video, a couple of groups of Crossers (we hoped) enjoying a natter and some grub).


Tradition says we stop here for a snack and a hot drink, take some silly photographs of the group when standing in a marshy field, and eat some of Brett’s home-made sausage rolls and Dave’s home-made Diabetic Mince Swirls (actually made by his wife Sarah) … but hang on, Dave isn’t with us today, so Riccy spotted the potential problem a few days ago and made the group some sticky and SWEET (certainly NOT diabetic) Mince Swirls …. Dave who??? (LOL)  IMG_0032

Colin pretending to be David Bailey


Darren, Brett and Colin admiring Riccy’s rear cabinIMG_0034

All lined up – Jalapeno, Rooster, Darren, Tray Back, Riccy&Joel.


Riccy captured me herding “the cats” to get back doing what we came here for … 4×4’ing not nattering!! We had stopped for 15mins, that was far too long!!IMG_0036

Darren obeying orders IMG_0037

I’m not sure what Phil is looking at, or aiming something at the floor?


Riccy’s tidy Jimny (a nice registration plate too) … we don’t hide or splodge out our number plates, as EVERYTHING we drive on is totally LEGAL … if you see photo’s on FB or other group outings and they have removed their number plates from the vehicles or they splodged them out (photo edited) – then it’s my guess is that they are somewhere that they should not be!

Anyway, a few sausage rolls and mince swirls and hot drinks devoured, we’re on our way.

Brett’s video from the start of Bryniau Farm until the snack break

after Sausages

Approaching Llechrydau Farm.

After our snack, and driving through Llechrydau Farm and following “Chips Away” Van and continuing to the muddy cross roads.

At the muddy cross roads, we turned right along another UCR that passes a hill called Craig-yr-hwch, and there’s plenty of gates to open and close, and three videos to watch of our journey. Approaching the end, the route was created to drive down a Byway through Tynlwyn and a farm/farmer who is known to be “awkward” – Brett had checked with TW2 and GLASS and it was legal to drive, but Gary said he thought it was too steep for our Jimny’s and it was “Crossers only” – so we continued straight and went around Tynlwyn on tarmac to get back onto the planned route.

Brett’s video of Craig-yr-hwch (video-1)

Brett’s video of Craig-yr-hwch (video-2)

Brett’s video of Craig-yr-hwch (video-3)

Riccy’s view driving Craig-yr-hwch

So, a few “C” roads to get back towards Rhiwlas and then south towards the next lane at Clyrun. It is a Byway, but it is a DEAD END, but the views from up top are amazing.


Did Joel stop on Ty’n Celyn and cook and eat this???


This is why we do this DEAD END Byway


As the Byway is not used much, the farmer asked us to not chew up the field where we have to turn around – of course not, we understand how to protect the Green Lanes. This unused Byway was a tad slippery, so everyone was in Low Box and 4WD to protect the land.


What a view IMG_0045

Is this God’s country, or is that somewhere else??


Here you can hopefully see how gentle five Jimny’s have been, getting up this probably 15-20 degree slope, not often used so was quite slippery



We gently reversed up a side slope so to turn back down the Byway without any damage to the underlying ground.IMG_0049

Last few reversing and turning back down to Clyrun.

Brett’s video of driving up Clyrun

Brett’s video of Clyrun coming back down

At the end of the Byway, we turned right and through Llansilin and onwards towards Cefn-y-braich and the next two lanes … Cefn-y-braich and Priddbwll and Wenalt – probably Jimny’s and Crossers only :0

So, first is Cefn-y-braich … another T&S (Tight and Scratchy) lane and technical too inching down between huge trees and the ground slopes right to left!

Brett’s video driving down Cefn-y-braich

Riccy’s view driving down Cefn-y-braich

After Cefn-y-braich just a few hundred yards of tarmac bypassing a village called Priddbwll and onto the next lane…


Riccy pointing the way forwards.

We know this lane a Lie Down Lane, as a few Crimbo runs ago our very own Colin Cook decided that Rooster was so tired, and it needed a rest (aka Lying Down for a nap). This lane is severely T&S and that year I was in-front (leading as ever) and hard on the CB that Rooster had toppled over, and I looked in my rear-view mirror and initially thought (after a short chuckle) … How the Heck are we going to recover him from there!! Anyway, we all agreed the best course of action was to “drag” (aka winch) him backwards, whilst the others were telling him which way to turn steering wheel to get Rooster back on four tyres.

So, what could go wrong today??

Here are the photo’s taken by Riccy and Colin…. as ever a picture can tell a thousand words!!


Phil getting up, as you can see the lane is T&S and slopes Right to Left on the upwards climb. IMG_0052

Spookily, almost at the EXACT same point as Rooster a few years ago, newbie Darren had decided he had been 4×4’ing too much and thought his Navy Blue Jimny need a nap (Lie Down)

Brett turned around (gently in a field in the hope to winch or be winched off to recover Darren. But when Brett had approached Darren, it became clear that again the best recovery method was to winch him backwards. With plenty of “Team Communications” over the CBs (aka banter) we carefully (you’ll see in Brett’s video) got him back onto four wheels, and Darren wiped his brow, and we continued onwards. Brett reversed, and turned around.  IMG_0053

Phil winching Darren back onto four wheels.


Remote winches are the best


This is where Darren unfortunately took a wrong turn.


Nice flex there Riccy


A photo of Darren back on four wheels.IMG_0058

Colin in Rooster coming up.IMG_0059

Colin in Rooster coming up – its always “harder” being last in the group on such a T&S and Slippery Lane. Top Marks Colin, for staying on four wheels (lol)


Concentration need I suspect Colin? I’m sure Colin was well aware that he’s already had Rooster on its side up here and didn’t want to do that again??!!


After Brett had turned around to continue onwards, we spotted a “rogue” sheep in the lane and in front of us, and we didn’t want to get it worried having five Jimny’s driving up the Lane. So, Brett used his “unknown and un-qualified” Shepherding skills and managed to get the sheep to canter back down towards the Jimny’s, and Brett had asked Phil to open a gate, so we could cajole “said sheep” back into a field of other mates!

Brett using weird whistling noises and grunts, manage to get the sheep trotting towards his Jalapeno, but right at the last second, the sheep almost jumped over Phil and ignored everyone’s actions to guide him into field … and wandered back down the lane … As Brett said at the time “Phil I only asked you to do one job …”

We continued to the top of the Lane, turned around at the top and in good old “Duke of York” style, came back down the lane.


Brett the shepherd – no sign of baby Jesus though!IMG_0063

Sheep hurtling towards the rest of the group


When we got to the top of the Lane, Colin announced that somewhere on the drive UP, he had lost his snorkel top – and as they are expensive – could we all keep a look-out for it (I think he said the Brett, please don’t drive over it – as if!!) … Anyway, it was found and here is Colin expertly refitting it!!


At the bottom of the Lane, we see a local farmers child expertly herding the sheep.


On the way down the Lane a few of us experienced and tree stump on the right (strangely, the only Jimny “not” to have any damage from the stump was Lie Down Darren). The above photo is a nasty dent in Riccy’s ex-smart Jimny.


Brett suffered the worst … a big dent in the door, another dint in the pillar and a dint in the rear quarter that also clipped his rear quarter window, kindly turning his window into crazy glass patterns!


Here we see Brett and Gary Gaffer Taping up the busted window, outside and inside. Hopefully enough to get him home (which in the end was successful) – Brett is now waiting on a replacement window from his and everyone’s favourite “Jimny Breaker” – Mr. James Priestley)


Also, at the end of the lane, Phil is looking around his Tray Back to discover that the bolt holding the O/S Shocker onto the chassis has come loose. Brett finds a spare one in his tool-bag, but it transpires that the bolt had sheared off … so Phil cleverly tie-wrapped the shocker in place to the axle.


Here is the damage to Rooster from hidden tree stump!

creator of the dent

Riccy took this still from his video, as the “culprit” of everyone’s damage … a nice tree stump sticking out about 3-inches!!


Darren unscathedIMG_0073IMG_0074IMG_0075

Phil tie-wrapping (different from Christmas present wrapping) his shocker to the axle, so it won’t rattle and fall off!!

Brett’s video where Darren took a nap

Brett’s video after Darren and Sheep recovered

Riccy’s video going up Riddbwll

Brett’s video of the group going back down Priddbwll

So, we are all safe and sound, Darren’s pride took a bash when he was on two wheels and Brett’s rear window is Gaffer Taped up, and Phil’s shocker is attached, if only with a couple of sturdy Tie Wraps, but we are now onwards and upwards to the next lane – Hafod.


Half way up Hafod, after the nice FORD (River Lleiriog) and besides a neat cottage, CB banter said that Brett was taking a small tree home with him … attached to his huge CB Antennae.


Get away tree …


Brett looks satisfied with his work (lol)

Brett’s video of Hafod

After completing Hafod we drove North East on “C” roads aiming for Glas-hirfyn and Pantglas Ucha – two UCRs that we like to do …. but ….


Darren come over on the CB, saying he thinks his Front O/Side Tyre is Flat … and it was.


As Riccy has ARBs front and Rear, we first thought it may have leaked from valve seal, so using Riccy’s Tyre hose thingy, we pumped it up to 27PSI and listened …. yes, air was escaping, so Phil got his High Lift out of his Jimny Tray Back and started jacking up from Darren’s front metal bumper, Brett checked with Darren that he was in gear and the hand-brake was fully on, and fetched his Ryobi Lithium Impact Driver to undo the wheel nuts, and to also remove Darren’s spare from his rear door….    IMG_0081

When punctured tyre on the floor, Joel spots a tear in the outer tyre wall … I wonder how that could have occurred (Hafod is a stoney, rocky, rutted lane) … and the tyres was only NEW YESTERDAY!!


Yes, that fooked!!

Spare tyre fitted, and pressure lowered to 17PSI using Riccy’s hose thingy (there must be a real name for it?) and the punctured tyre back onto rear door… and onwards towards Glas-hirfyrn.

Approaching Glas-hirfyrn, Brett remembered that we normally do the lane in the other direction, and on the last occasions the Farmer, who likes to park his huge Tractor Trailer in the middle of the lane, preventing access (we always pass comments on to GLASS and the local council about it, but nothing ever gets resolved) … so we decided to ignore Glas-hifryn and do Pantgals Ucha instead.

Brett’s video of Pantglas Ucha

After completing Pantglas Ucha we headed back south west aiming for Llanarmon Mynydd-mawr and the excellent UCR that drives beside Pen-y-graig.


Riccy photos of Pen-y-graig


Anyone fancy a “Grand Designs” building project?


Riccy photos of Pen-y-graig


Riccy photos of Pen-y-graig

Brett’s video of Pen-y-graig

After Pen-y-graig we head north and east to find Cefn Hir-fynydd (yes, a very famous lane, but no one will know it as that…)  here is a clue …


Yes, its “Splashy Lane” and here are Brett’s and Riccy’s videos

Brett’s video … Splashy-1

Riccy … Splashy-1

Brett … Splashy-2

Riccy … Splashy-2

Brett … Splashy-3

I’m sure you will agree Cefn Hir-fynydd (Splashy Lane) us well named.

At the end of Splashy at another cross-roads of UCRs, we turned Right down past Blaen Rhiwlas Uchaf towards Hen Graig, known locally as Pheasant Steps.


The drive down Blaen Rhiwlas Uchaf


Joel closing the gate ahead of the large step down on Blaen Rhiwlas Uchaf

Brett’s video of the journey down Blaen Rhiwlas Uchaf towards Hen Graig


At the bottom of Hen Graig (Pheasant Steps) time for some more home-made sausage rolls and mince swirls.


Even though Brett made them he enjoyed them too (greedy bugger)


Crossers stopped for a natter but couldn’t be bothered to remove helmets and have some scoff. …. more for Brett then!!

Brett’s video of the journey back up Hen Graig to Blaen Rhiwlas Uchaf

Brett’s video after Hen Graig towards Blaen Rhiwlas Uchaf and the road

Here Phil in Scorpion said on the CB that this was a good opportunity for him to head East towards Oswestry and onwards home to Worcester, so we all got out and wished him Happy New Year and we’ll look forward to be seeing Phil & Scorpion in 2019… Good to see Phil as he is one of the founder members of Jimny Jaunts, but hasn’t been out for a while due to building Scorpion.

As time was getting on (it was now around 3:15pm) and we had planned to do Corwen Car Wash, and few in the group didn’t fancy a deep river crossing in the dark, so we skipped Plas Trgeriog, Tregeiriog, Pen-y-Bont, Hafod Adams, Whitestones and Fodwen to get onto The Wayfarer and get to Corwen Car Wash (before the sunset) …. little did we know what we had yet to encounter!!!

We started The Wayfarer around 3:30pm passing the great sign at the start saying Llandrillo 6-miles or Cynwyd 7-miles … so onwards it was then….

After the first two closed gates, that we opened and of course closed, we came across a group of 5 vehicles (2x Mitsubushi L200s) what looked like a totally standard Jimny (on road tyres) and a Blue Defender and a single crosser parked up on the lane that didn’t allow us to pass .. so we waited for around 5 minutes for them to get going… we then of course waited another 5 minutes so as not to create a group of TEN.


Waiting for group to get way in front before we set off …


Here’s a still of them getting up the lane after the ford… its clear to see that the standard Jimny was struggling)


More waiting, but on this occasion, we spotted a single 4×4 (unknown at the time) coming to other way, so we waited again. The lone 4×4 had parked up just off the lane allowing the Mits, Jimny, Defender and the Crosser to go past him. We then called the lone 4×4 down the lane, which would give us again another gap between the group in front of us … little did we know ….

Anyway, the lone 4×4 turned out to be a Land Rover Discovery with the parents in the front and what looked like 3 kids in the rear, luckily everyone had their seat belts fitted, unlike the group in front of us!!

After waving goodbye to the Discovery, we trundled on slowly as to NOT catch up with the group in front, who were now approaching the Railway Sleepers …and it was obvious that the 2xMits, the Jimny and even the Defender were novice drivers as it took them close to 10mins to get up and over the Railway Sleepers, so we could not help catching them up.

No more photo’s on the Wayfarer, just a few videos taken by Brett as he was leading, and had the advantage to see what was taking time … in one video we can clearly see the Crossers had blatantly gone off-piste and had become bogged down, requiring most of the 4×4 vehicle drivers to drag him out … and to add insult he them went off-piste again and low and behold got stuck again (more of the same mates needed to drag him out) … in one of the videos, Brett has zoomed in to get the registration of the Crosser!!

Here are the videos of Wayfarer, until we managed to pass them as they nicely parked off-piste to go see the Recording Box and the Wayfarer Plaque.

Brett’s 1st video on Wayfarer

Brett’s 2nd video on Wayfarer

Brett’s 3rd video on Wayfarer

Brett’s 4th video on Wayfarer

Brett’s 5th video on Wayfarer

Brett’s 6th video on Wayfarer

Brett’s 7th video on Wayfarer

After we had passed them at the plaque we continued onwards without stopping, as it was now approaching 4:15pm (yes, 45mins to do around 3miles) and light was dropping, and we want to do Corwen Car Wash in some “light” …even if it wasn’t DARK, others would be happy!

So, after the plaque, there’s a gate and after a few hundred yards there’s a fork (not a dinner fork – lol) in the road, Left is to Llandrillo and Right is to Cynwyd – we took the Right Fork (as Brett likes to say on the CB “Forking Right) … after a few miles we got onto the B4401 towards Cynwyd turning left onto “C” Roads to find the famous Corwen Car Wash crossing the wide (and sometimes fast flowing Afon Dyfrdwy).


Riccy’s photo of the Jimny’s parked up (a little light) and us discussing if it was safe enough to drive across…. We all agreed that it was no deeper than when we crossed it earlier in the month, and it appeared not to be flowing too fast … so we volunteered Colin (in Rooster) to go across to go set up his GoPro on the other side … of course Colin had to then reverse back and then re-drive across to capture himself on his GoPro (lol). IMG_0103IMG_0104

Brett’s video of us sussing-out the River for crossing

Brett video’ing himself (now in the dark) crossing Corwen Car Wash

Riccy and Joel crossing Corwen Car Wash

So that was another successful Annual Crimbo Trip …only a few “oops” moments… We all shook hands and wished each other Happy New Years’.

Here is Brett’s now customary Closing Remarks.

Brett’s customary Closing Remarks …

Next trip is 20th Jan’19 where the Jimny Jaunts re-visit Oldham, Huddersfield and Holmfirth … the Event is FULL…. as are most of our planned 2019 Trips.

Colin Cook, Darren Williams and Riccy were recording with GoPro’s, here are their wonderfully “edited” video’s of the whole day:

Colin “Rooster” Cook – GoPro of the day

Darren Williams GoPro video of the day.


North Wales 02/12/18

Sunday the 2nd of December and some of “our little group” had arranged to meet up to drive a route in North Wales.

The “normal” Mr. B. Logger (aka Dave was only doing half the route) and then he went to celebrate his Father’s 80th Birthday with all his family, so that meant that Brett who was leading and is the normal video taker/maker, was ably asisted by Kevin (StupidMonkey?) taking photos.

So as you see, the first half of the Blog is up to perfect Dave’s standard and Brett (who has never used this blogging software before) has attempted to add comments and all of Kev’s photo’s into the Blog (so i apologise in advance for any Blog typo’s and non-perfecto Blogging) …
Starting at –
The Whistlestop Cafe near Rhuddlan.
Left to right as is traditional… Dave and Alan in the blue Jimny, Brett in the green Jimny, Gary in the foreground in the silver Jimny, behind him Kev and Freya in the blue Jimny, and a newbie joining us for the “first time” is Adam and Chris is the Mauve Grand Vitara.DSCN8823.jpg
Now you can see Kev’s Jimny without Gary parked across us all 😉

Brett’s Introductory Video

Brett’s YouTube Video of the first ‘lane of the day – Cefn Meiriadog

Brett’s YouTube Video of the the second ‘lane of the day – Groesfordd Marli

Brett’s YouTube Video of the third ‘lane of the day – Bryn-y-Pin

Brett’s YouTube Video of the beginning of the fourth ‘lane of the day – Moelfre

Brett’s YouTube Video continuing along Moelfre

Brett’s YouTube Video of the fifth ‘lane of the day – Bont-y-Gwyddel
Gathered up at the end of Bont-y-Gwyddel, just after the gate at the end of Brett’s Video

Brett’s YouTube Video of the sixth ‘lane of the day – Bron Haul
Gary fording the river.

Brett’s YouTube Video of the seventh ‘lane of the day – Fedw Uchaf a short white road?!
Gathered up for the next ‘lane…

Brett’s YouTube Video of the eighth ‘lane of the day – Tan y Fron

Brett’s YouTube Video of the beginning of the ninth ‘lane of the day – Nantglyn

Brett’s YouTube Video of the rest of Nantglyn

Copy of 2018-12-02 11.03.23

We told Kev that normal people steal a Christmas Tree at this time of year … not the Tree itself!!
A short bit on the tarmac… a convoy of Suzukis!

Brett’s YouTube Video of the tenth ‘lane of the day – Foel Fawr ‘ATV Lane’

Brett’s YouTube Video of the eleventh ‘lane of the day – Tyn Twll

Brett’s YouTube Video of the twelfth ‘lane of the day – Hafod Dafydd

Brett’s YouTube Video of the thirteenth ‘lane of the day – Nant y Garreg
After that ‘lane Dave and Alan headed home as they were “double booked”, Dave was pff tp his father’s 80th birthday meal, and Alan had split himself between greenlaning and marshalling  a motorcycle trials event.

Brett’s YouTube Video of the beginning of the fourteenth ‘lane of the day – Hafod Dinbych

Brett’s YouTube Video of the rest of Hafod Dinbych

Brett’s YouTube Video of the fifteenth ‘lane of the day – Gwinger

Brett’s YouTube Video part one, of the sixteenth ‘lane of the day – Betws Y Coed

2018-12-02 13.04.17

Adam and Chris coming up the first rocky and leafy section

2018-12-02 13.04.04

Adam and Chris coming up the first rocky and leafy section

2018-12-02 13.03.58

Gary going up the first rocky and leafy section2018-12-02 13.03.50

Gary coming up the first rocky and leafy section2018-12-02 13.03.44

More of Gary coming up the first rocky and leafy section

2018-12-02 13.04.36

Kev watching Adam get up the first section

2018-12-02 13.02.15

Kev watching Jalapeno in the distance

Part Two

2018-12-02 13.11.16

Brett, Gary and Adam after another Gate!2018-12-02 13.12.34

Jalapeno in the distance, then Gary, and finlly Adam

2018-12-02 13.16.46

Adam showing off his best feature …. enough said


2018-12-02 13.22.18

Approaching the rocky sections2018-12-02 13.23.31

Bunched up at yet another Gate

Part Three

The final part of the Betws Y Coed ‘lane

Brett’s YouTube Video of the seventeenth ‘lane of the day – Bryn Llech

2018-12-02 13.49.39

Kevin letting Fryer out for a widdle  2018-12-02 13.54.55

Kev posing after the first narrow gate

Brett’s YouTube Video of continuing along Bryn Llech

Brett’s YouTube Video part one of the eighteenth ‘lane of the day – Ysbyty Ifan

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

2018-12-02 14.15.46

Adam approaching the HUGE Step at Ysbyty Ifan

2018-12-02 14.15.49

Adam getting “delayed” the HUGE Step at Ysbyty Ifan … Gary setting up his back winch, but we decided that winching Adam UP, would probably damage his underbody and engine block, and steering arms etc., so we advised him to reverse back down… 2018-12-02 14.16.08

More of Adam getting back down the step 2018-12-02 14.33.36

Brett in Jalapeno (return journey at Ysbyty Ifan step) – nice front flex there mate!

2018-12-02 14.33.41


Brett in Jalapeno (return journey at Ysbyty Ifan step) – nice flex there mate!
Brett’s YouTube Video of the beginning of the nineteenth ‘lane of the day – Cerrigellwm Isaf

And the rest of it

Brett’s YouTube Video of the twentieth ‘lane of the day – Tyn y Graig

2018-12-02 14.45.372018-12-02 14.46.062018-12-02 14.53.022018-12-02 14.53.062018-12-02 15.19.422018-12-02 15.19.472018-12-02 15.19.56

Brett’s traditional closing remarks…

Here is Kev’s ramblings for the whole day 🙂

Next Trip out is our Annual Crimbo run … 1st Lane of the day is BTL (Brown Trouser Lane) … Tight, Scratchy, a Big Right to Left slope and lane itself Left to Right, so everything wants to slide LEFT … and often does 🙂


Greenlaning North Wales 11/11/18

Sunday the 11th of November 2018… Remembrance Sunday… and Alan had plotted us another route, around Flintshire and Denbighshire –
We met –
At the OK Diner for breakfast when they opened at 8am, just west of Ewloe on the A55 North Wales Expressway…
From left to right – Kev and Freya (his faithful hound), Gary, Brett and me, Dave… no (human) passengers for this trip, just the four drivers…

Brett’s customary opening remarks 🙂
First ‘lane of the day, parallel with the A55.
Note the slight discrepancy with the route, in the yellow ring there is no way of crossing the A55 at this point, so we drove south-east down the yellow road and then over the bridge in the red ring… more on that in a bit…
Leaving tarmac and onto the first ‘lane then…

Here it is in full in Brett’s Video.
And as mentioned above, this is us crossing the farm bridge over the A55 in the red ring on the map above, to get back onto the route…
Next ‘lane running south-west of Mold

Again, here in Brett’s Video.
Next. “Fron” it looks like nothing on the map, just a UCR with ORPA dots, but as you can see in…

Brett’s Video, it’s a little gem! 🙂
Next, heading down to a ford…
Here on the map, heading south-west.

And here it is in Brett’s Video.
And my view from behind him leading.
By this stage I’ve had time to fiddle with the CB and get it working… for some reason, I remembered, it shows AM when it’s actually on FM, and vice-versa! And I’d used it to diagnose my built-in CB as not working, so I’ll have to try it again now it’s on the right frequency!
Next! ORPA dots and a Ford just west of Nant…

Brett’s Video of it
We haven’t done this in a long time!
Then a couple of ‘lanes close together…

Brett’s Video of the beginning of it, before we stop for a pi(t)ss stop for Freya (and me!).

Brett’s Video of the rest of the ‘lane beginning with a group of three ‘crossers passing us…
Still from this nice wooded ‘lane.
And then over the BOAT heading north-east…

… here in Brett’s next video.
And a still from this ‘lane, another nice wooded one…

And as you can see in the video, rather than going around Alan’s intended loop, we turned around and came back up the same ‘lane…
Heading in…
And heading back up looking back at Kev and Gary…
Another BOAT heading south out of Graianrhyd, always hard to find, as you’ll see in the video below, despite…
… having clear signage!

Brett’s Video of it, where again we go up and down rather than Alan’s intended route…
Still from this ‘lane, this used to be nice and rutted, but was graded many years ago…
Next, UCR with ORPA dots again…
My favourite sign!
Pretty lady hill runner shouts “Morning boys” to us… 😉
Great view as we drop down…
And the rest of the ‘lane snakes below us…

And here’s Brett’s Video of it…
Next ‘lane…
But before we do… Brett pulled over? Not like him to stop for a break without being nagged? Ahhh, it was just before 11:00 and we gathered around Kev’s Jimny to hear the radio as Big Ben bonged eleven and we stood for a minutes silence and to remember the fallen in the wars. Very touching moment, and nice of Brett to pull us over for it…

And then back to the intended ‘lane…
Next, BOAT running south from Bontuchel…

Brett’s Video of it, sunlight streaming through the trees…

‘Pen-y-maes’ next…

But as you can see at the end of Brett’s Video…
We’re thwarted by a large fallen tree and the debris around it…
Four thick trunks to cut through and move… too much for the equipment we’re carrying 😦

So, as in Brett’s Video, we are forced to retreat back…
DSCN8740.jpg…and into the sun 🙂
mapremovedSpeaking of sun! You can just about make out the map on the screen of my iPad, a UCR with ORPA dots and then that crazy yellow C-road heading south-west below Ty-Nant…
Down we go…

And as you can see in Brett’s Video. we have to herd sheep back and forth! They were heading for a busy A-road so Brett managed to guide them into a clearing just before the busy road, and I sneaked ahead of them, and swung round…
… to guide them back from where they came from… meeting a nice chap in a BMW coming the other way who was local and said he’d ring the Rhug Estate to get a shepherd out to get them back into their home field.
Hang on. we’ve got off  Alan’s intended route?

Ahhh, one of Brett’s favourites – “Corwen Carwash” Ford.
Brett, Gary and then Kev… but not me! I chose to sit this one out.

Then coming back across again – Kev and then Gary… at speed!

“So Dave is being a wimp, but it is quite deep”… Hmmm, thanks Brett, I won’t rise to any of this, I won’t be goaded into doing something I don’t want to. I felt the river was quite swollen, and I don’t like deep water having drowned two Vitaras in the past…
Gary with a nice bow wave…
And he’s back across…

Brett coming back across from my camera…
A solar farm along the way…
Heading north up a UCR with ORPA dots to the lovely named Bettws Gwerfil Goch! 😉

Brett’s Video of it… you may remember we took the wrong route…
… here before on a previous trip, heading left down to the river when we should have been “forking right”…
Hang on if I’m at the back and Alan isn’t here… I have to shut the gates now?! 😉 LOL
Another gate coming up as we leave the field…
A new one for us…

As seen here in Brett’s Video.
Alan’s replacement… my ‘Monty Python’ pointy gate holding stick!
At first we couldn’t see the route, but GPS on our phones showed we were on the right course… here I can see the tracks of the others though after shutting the gate and retrieving my pointy stick.

Brett’s Video, through the gate and briefly into the farmyard and then back out again…
A few tarmac miles to…
… emerge out of the forest and onto ‘Maes Cadarn’ another BOAT
Nice and rutted!

As you can see in Brett’s next video…
Hafotty Bach to Bryn Ocyn…

Brett’s Video of the first bit, where…
…we headed into the tree lined tunnel around the farm…

The second half, where at 8 minutes in you can hear another group on the CB…
Sharp left and towards Bryn Ocyn.
Where we stop for a quick chat with the group of Landies, before…

… Brett remembers to start recording again.
Gary shutting the gate behind us, I’m now third in our little convoy having done my turn of closing gates 😉 Come back Alan! 😉
Blinding sun as we come off Bryn Ocyn…
Nice tight and scratchy lane north out of Nantglyn…

Here on Brett’s next Video…
Now following Kev, and Freya.

Then we’re up Segrwyd…
A nice GREEN lane.
Stopping for a couple of horses, which are stood out of the way to the right of the ‘lane. despite us pulling over and stopping engines, they rathered we passed them than vice-versa…

Brett’s second half of the ‘lane after meeting horses

Next, Foel Farm / passed the ATV centre… note pathetic man-made (or man assembled) obstructions on the ‘lane 😦

Brett’s Closing Remarks…
And as we ended in Denbigh and shook hands, etc, I thought I might as well wash the Jimny at Maldwyn Williams’ facilities at the bottom of the Colomendy Industrial Estate, for £3, rather than getting the local hand car wash fellas to do it, as they charge me a tenner!
And, you’ll notice it’s still daylight! We finished early around four, which allowed the others to get home to watch the football and Formula One… and I had a nice nap for an hour, as I don’t ‘do’ Sport 😉

A good end to a great day then! Thanks to Alan for plotting the route, shame he couldn’t make it again this trip 😦 Thanks to Brett for leading and videoing, and Gary, Kev and Freya for helping make it what it was… a well needed great day out’s R&R in the countryside, greenlaning with a great bunch of people! Cheers!


Lake District Day Trip 07/10/18

Sunday the 7th of October 2018 and a few of “our little group” had arranged to meet up to drive some of the best ‘lanes in the Lake District in one day…
Alan had plotted the route on paper maps, and Brett had then transposed his pencil scribblings into a MemoryMap route for us to share around our tablets to follow the route as we drove.
Sadly, in the eleventh hour, Alan had to pull out of the trip. 😦
And previous to that one of our regular Cumbrian Cohorts had to pull out too, so with only three vehicles attending Brett advertised a couple of spare places, and they were soon snapped up by a couple of members of the BigJimny discussion board…

Here’s Brett’s Introductory Video as we drive up the M56 together to go meet the others…
Up the M6…
As we go up the M6 I can see us approaching the end of the route, with the start just above Kendal in the distance…
Gathered up in a retail park’s car park after filling up with fuel.
Left to Right – Riccy and Joel in J999MNY, Brett in Jalapeno, John “Sniper” from the BigJimny board, me in S200KYS, and Jason “JackOnlyJack” also from BigJimny.

Brett’s Second Introductory Video as we leave the retail park, as he says on the video Brett is leading, I’m second with a rear winch incase John needs a tug at any point, Jason behind him, and Riccy & Joel at the back as they’re two-up and therefore get the job of closing gates… 😉
And, onto the first ‘lane of the day then…

“Otter Bank”, which as Brett says on the video is mostly flat –
But that’s always a good customary way to start the day, with a gentle warm up 😉

Second lane then, “Bouthwaite”, a favourite of mine as it is a proper “GREEN” ‘lane –
Like a green moonscape!
You can hear on the video that my CB is transmitting but not receiving?! It’s going to be a very quiet day! No Alan and no CB ?!!
On we go in relative silence then?!
Beware of children?
This ‘lane oddly finishes in a school playground?!
Next ‘lane, nicely capturing the Byway sign with Jason’s Jimny in the background 😉

“Steel Croft”
Relatively flat again…
Odd little fella on a gate post made from thick cable?…
Breasthigh Road / Borrowdale…
John leaves his Jimny at the top, no way he’s getting up and over and then back without a low box. (His button / solenoid later transfer box won’t engage low – give me a stick and a loud clunk any day!)
Brett drives across the ford first to open the gate…

And then films the rest of us coming through –

Riccy and Joel bringing up the rear…

Up we go…
The view down the valley to our right as we climb up…
Looking back behind me “arm out of the window” photography captures Jason with passenger John.
Gathered up after closing the midway gate…
Carrying on…
Jason and John behind me as we round a corner before climbing to the top…
And catching up with Brett at the point where his video finished above…
And then down the other side –

And turning round ready to go back over the way we came from…
Some photos from the journey down –
Brett out picking his line over the eroded storm drain.
Jason dropping down behind me…

And then back up and over the storm drain again…

Carrying on! Back over to the midway gate again…
From the video timeline –
Brett up one of the big steps
And squeezing through the narrow gate on the way up…
John’s Jimny way off in the distance parked by the gate at the start of the ‘lane 😉

From the gate back down through the ford and back to John’s Jimny…
Hmmm, “who didn’t shut the gate?” – must have been the little group of three ‘crossers? 😦
“Garth Row”

A couple of stills along the way –

Parkspring Wood…
A nice scenic ‘lane…

Next… “Broadoak” or “Underbarrow”
Yup, a proper GREEN lane. 😉
Ahhhh… where are we now then?

“Town Yeat”… Mad scratchy ‘lane…
And surprisingly, John and James have both decided to drive it!
John emerges!
Ahhh, Ummm, Chicks dig scratches? a gallon of T-Cut?! 😮
Jason popping out…
Well done for doing that one guys! We did say that anyone could drive round anything they didn’t fancy… 😉

“The Row”

As Brett has a couple of shunts to get round the end of the lane and back onto tarmac, I waited patiently to capture him with the RoW signpost in the foreground… 🙂
The next one…

Brett approaches gingerly through the front gravel drive of a property, and we get out and peer down the ‘lane… it’s an UCR with ORPA dots that Alan had found on the maps, Brett had checked with the RoW officers, and we thought we’d come for a look-see…
As we were looking the lady from the house emerged and asked inquisitively what we were doing there… Brett explained it was a green lane, a UCR with public access… the lady said she’d lived there fourteen years and as far as she knew it was a bridleway and she hadn’t seen anyone drive it in all those years?… She agreed we could drive it though, and we apologised for disturbing her and began to push our way down it…

As you can see, it was indeed a bit tight! 😉
I cut a few branches out of the way on the way down to save my snorkel and newly fitted windscreen, ready for an impending MOT soon… 😉

Riccy at the back is a bit more careful with his Jimny and cut more branches rather than pushing through… (I’ve got a metal guard around my snorkel for this reason). Eventually they call for me and ‘Buzz’ the cordless chainsaw to come and lend a hand… 🙂 Hence they dubbed it “Gardening Lane” LOL 😉

Then another little one around the corner from it –

Nice comments from Brett at the end of this video…
And back onto tarmac…
Another nice little find 😉
And then back to…

Town Yeat back up!
On the video, you can see at 3:20 into it, a little Jimny pulls over for a chat with me, a little old lady driver asking questions of a big group of EIGHT foreign mostly black Land Rovers convoying around the local ‘lanes too. Hmmm, I try and reassure her that the recommended group size (in the UK) is five vehicles…

Next ‘lane then… Crosthwaite.
Only one still from this ‘lane…

Turned out to be tarmac… 😦 Always worth a look though! 😉
Swinging off the tarmac…

A much better find Alan 😉
At the end of that ‘lane pointing from whence we came… awesome capture! 🙂

Then “High Mill”
A few tarmac miles then, as we snake our way round one of the Meres / Waters to our next series of ‘lanes… (Did you know there’s only one “Lake” in the Lake District… most are indeed Meres or Waters 😉 )
We’re soon disappearing off the tarmac again though 😉

“Holmshead Farm”… Mind the dogs! LOL 😉
I was surprised John was going up here?!
You can here Brett mention that – again as per a previous trip up here – I’d hit a rock and it had bounced me close to left edge of the ‘lane where there was a steep drop! 😦

I then waited for John a couple of times, but I needn’t of bothered! 😉

Dale End towards Elterwater

Oxen Fell
And still that little silver Jimny is following us everywhere! Remember… it’s “only” got 15mm spring spacers, AT tyres and a rear Quaife LSD (Limited Slip Diff)!

The second half of Oxen Fell

Knipe Fold Part One

Part Two 😉
At a minute in you can hear Brett speaking to a chap that says he’s a magistrate and was taking photos of our vehicles as we shouldn’t be driving there, on the Queen’s Highway, a BOAT (ByWay Open to All Traffic)… we’ll wait to see if anything ever comes of that then?

Stang End Part One

And… Part Two

Colt House
I’ve lost track with all those ‘lanes of where I took the following photos?! –
John’s Jimny
Still doggedly following us everywhere! 🙂
Then on to…

Grizedale! 🙂



To the rocky drop…

All down…

Riccy back up… twin ARB Lockers 😉

And the rest of the ‘lane…
And again at some point I took this…
Of John dropping down behind me…

Next… Force Mills
Nice fallen tree on the way…

Down to Rusland Pools…
1 October? Hmmm, it’s the 7th?…
Nice way of restricting access… you can still get through on foot or with a sure-footed horse, but no vehicular access during…
Fishies making love season! 😉
On we go then, leaving the fishes to go about their business 😉

Ickenthwaite One

And two…
By now we were running out of time and daylight, so we thought we’d curtail the route and head over to Nibthwaite / Parkamoor…

The start up to where…
We left John’s Jimny on the edge of the ‘lane, and he again jumped in with Jason (Jack?)

On we go…
Until we pull up behind the last of a convoy of mostly black Land Rovers with foreign plates… the ones the old lady had asked us about earlier in the day…

Brett ventured on with his camera, and unfortunately records this Defender blowing a rear diff / shaft 😦

The next one gets up alright though 🙂

Next! Nicely done…

Then the Jimnys 😉

Then our-Brett 😉

On we go… up to the peak (half way up) with Brett picking up a passenger 😉
At this point we turned round and went back down again, leaving them to it…

… the stricken Duffender on the way down… a broken shaft or diff? You don’t want that when you’re in a remote location, miles from home, especially when it’s a foreign country, Belgium?! 😦

The rest of the descent, stopping to collect John’s Jimny…

Brett’s closing remarks…
Indeed, a great day out, a long way to go for the day but always well worth it! There’s some great ‘lanes in the Lakes 🙂
THANKS to Alan for plotting the route, shame he couldn’t make it in the end, I thought I’d gone deaf at one point 😉 Thanks to Brett for converting the route to digital from Alan’s paper maps, and for leading and opening all them gates! 😉 Thanks to Riccy and Joel, always nice to ‘lane with you two 😉
And thanks to the new lads – John and Jason… Amazing where that near standard silver JImny went with just 15mm spring spacers, AT tyres and a rear Quaife LSD! John’s ethos was to keep the Jimny looking standard but still be able to ‘lane it successfully… and you’ve met and proved that spec’ mate! 🙂 And James, excellent looking Jimny that also went everywhere with ease…
An odd one meeting the big group of Belgian Landies… eight is a bit much in a group, but I suppose it depends what they are use to in their own country?…

A great day out! Looking forward to the next one already! 😉


Northumberland Weekend – Day Two Sunday 09/09/18

Day Two of our weekend in Northumberland… Day one is here if you missed it.
This was the whole weekend’s route, and…
This bit was Sunday’s route…
Brett and I had a nice breakfast in our hotel, and then we set off when the others arrived, as they lived fairly local…
Ah, hmmm, only after Brett had given me a nice Sunday morning jump though 😦

Brett’s Day Two Introductory Video 😉

And another as we leave the hotel…
As you can hear on Brett’s introductory video, Phil had bodged his exhaust (again) to get him running for the day… 😉
First stop… a petrol station / convenience store to fuel up, both on petrol and food for the day 😉
On our way to the first ‘lane of the day then…
NOOOoooo! Brett’s transfer box, having been to two of the leading specialists in the country, again jumped out of drive, so we had the stick out, rods repositioned, and stick back in quickly on the end of someone’s drive! Whoops!
(As I’m writing this Brett is returning from the second specialist who has had the box in pieces again and located a bent selector rod, and removed the two-wheel-drive-low mod’ too – I found mine troublesome and had it removed also some time ago)
And, one we go… Brett leaving the box in four wheel drive and turning the free wheel hubs on and off as required, as that stops it jumping out of drive he discovered.
mapremovedFirst ‘lane of day two then… “Diptonmill”

Again, a nice gentle ‘lane to start the day… whilst Brett has a good moan to the camera about his transfer box woes… 😦
Lane Two then… “Dotland”

As usual, Brett’s Video of it 😉
Nothing to taxing, but on the way… use them or lose them! 😉
Next, “Peth Foot”

With a nice little ford at the start –
When we got to the end…
Rob disappeared under Phil’s BigJimny…
The exhaust bodge had worked itself loose, so they removed the middle section of the exhaust and carried on without it… bit noisy, but better than heading home disappointed! 😉
Onto the next ‘lane then “Strothers Dale” (with a Harley Davidson sounding Jimny behind me!) LOL 🙂

Brett’s Video of us, going…
Around the side of the farmhouse…
And the farm buildings…
A nice T&S ‘lane!
Next! Highclear…

Brett’s YouTube Video, another nice ‘lane…
Next?… we’re into the forest –

Brett’s Video of the first bit…
As Brett (Dukes) mentions on the map… “Dukesfield” above us 🙂
Out of the forest and onto what looks like sand?!
And heading for moorland…

Part Two…
The I stalled and needed a jump from Phil to get me going again…

Part Three…

Part Four… passing some rather young looking ‘crosser riders?
Looking back after the gate as some grading works.

Part Five…
Where a walker has a go, saying “You’re a disgrace to the countryside”, but then fails to give any valid reasons, as we’re driving on a legal byway, on the right of way, and at a reasonable pace… 😦
Back on the tarmac and entering County Durham…
And over more moorland, but on tarmac this time 😉
Interesting snow-poles to show the snow ploughs where to go when the snow is deep!
Reaching our destination, the next series of ‘lanes…

North first

Then south

And then we stopped here to look at the ‘lane that goes east connecting the middle of the loop…
Brett went for a long walk down it to have a look, but came back saying it was impassable, which is unusual for him, as he’ll usually have a go at anything! 😉
The rest of us having a little break 😉

Carrying on… Brett explaining his findings from his walk…
Next, another long ‘lane…!

To the ‘top’ where…
We’re (apparently) at the highest point of any greenlane in England? 🙂
That calls for…
A group photo! 🙂

On we go…

To the gate at the bottom and back onto tarmac…
Our next destination…
Here, where we’re about to…
DSCN8424.jpgDrop off the tarmac…

After waiting for the crossers to come up…

Starting to descend…
DSCN8431.jpgUmmm, there’s a fair drop to the left of us?!
And we’re pretty close to the edge?!…
DSCN8434.jpgOut for a photo op’…

Umm, it gets worse?! (or better depending on your outlook?!)
Look at the way the trucks lean left on the undulating ground… towards the ravine… Gulp!

In Riccy’s video with his Go-Pro on a gimble (self levelling device) you can see the angle of the vehicle more…
Towards the gate from my perspective…

Carrying on after the gate…
Another seat clenching moment… as they say on the video, the rocks push you left towards the gulley where the stream runs into the ravine…! Locker on for me and push forwards quickly…

At the bottom, phew!
There’s a chunk missing there, but it’s on…

Riccy’s second half of his video…
Down to the house, tarmac, safety…. Phew! An awesome ‘lane, heart-in-your-mouth arse clenching the seat. a thrill to do it, but I’d be even more nervous doing it again?! 😮 !
Looking back, that’s where we came down…
Next, through Garrigill / Crossgill…
That’s a new one… “Unsuitable during flood conditions”…?
Ahhh… a concrete “Irish bridge” / ford… with no sides and a dropoff? Hmmm, no, no good in a flood?!

Brett’s Video of the ford and the climb up afterwards…
Dropping down into the next village…
And then a series of ‘lanes around Blagill.

Huddgillrig to Foreshield (Bridge) first…
That a way… 😉
Nice GREENlane…!
That’ll be the aforementioned (Bridge) then 😉

Next then… West Cocklake to Blagill
At the top of the north section and heading west then, passed another byway sign.
In Blagill there’s a couple of tiny routes with one or two pink ORPA dots on –
As we came off the byway on the right of the map…
This one disappears off the tarmac and into the trees, through a small ford and out to a farmyard …

And then…

Brett’s turn…
Then there’s another little cut-through through this gate…
Up through the woods…
And up onto the road again…

As seen in Brett’s YouTube Video
Joel on traffic duty! 🙂
Next then?… Clargillhead to Moscow (?!)

At the bottom the guys turn left whereas the route says right? There’s some discussion on the CBs about how boggy and marshy it can be, but we turn round and go for a look…
But we have to pull in to a derelict farmyard…
As another group of 4x4s are coming the other way…
Four stop just beyond the farmyard where we’ve pulled in, but there’s another group of three behind them, and watching through my binoculars one seems to be stuck? We wait for five minutes but they don’t progress along the ‘lane so we ask the other group to move over a bit, and we go back the other way, no point having so many vehicles on one ‘lane, and there’s plenty more for us to go at rather than waiting for the second group to progress towards and passed us…
On towards Kirghaugh Boat anf ford then…
Hairpin right needs a shunt…
Brett around the corner and passed the byway sign…
Left through the gate…

And that’s where we join Brett’s Video…
And off the ‘lane…
Under a railway bridge…
Last ‘lane of the day / weekend then? 😦
A long one to finish off with? 😉

Brett’s Video of it…
Gathered in a grassy lay-by on the side of the road…
Brett removes his front propshaft for the journey home, so that he can leave the transfer box in four wheel drive so it doesn’t jump out of drive on the long journey home…
And I reattach my front anti-roll-bar for the journey home…
We all have a good chat and a shake of hands before going our separate ways…

Brett’s closing remarks as we leave the rest of the guys…
Out of Memory-Map offroad mapping and into Tom-Tom Sat Nav on my trusty iPad and at 16:40 it predicts I’ll be home for 19:19… more like 19:30 with a fuel stop, so I text the missus and tell her 20:00 just to be on the safe side…
Following Brett over the nice and windey A66 –
Hang on! We’ve passed a few great byways on the way! 😉 LOL
One way at a time pontoon bridge along the way…
And… I’ve been meaning to record this for a while… after driving home for three hours in a bucket seat, doing just under 70mph most of the way following Brett, this is what happens when I get home…

LOL, nice one Homer 😉

And finally, as is the norm’… MANY THANKS to –
Riccy – for plotting, liaising and leading 😉
Joel – for opening and holding open countless gates 🙂
Brett – for videoing all the ‘lanes 😉
Phil and Rob – for just being them, a great pair of canny lads! 🙂

I hope Alan’s feeling well enough for our next trip, as Brett said on his closing remarks video, a day trip back to the Lake District to meet up with this lot again on the 7th of October to drive all the best and favourite ‘lanes in a day trip?!?! LOL 😉


Northumberland Weekend – Day One Saturday 08/09/18

Saturday the 8th of September 2018, and a few of “our little group” of Jimnys had arranged to spend the weekend in Northumberland driving mostly new ‘lanes to us –
Riccy – beig local(ish) had plotted the route and liaised with the local counties Rights of Way officers and Glass Area Reps to make sure the route was legal and passable in our little Jimnys… The above map is both Saturday’s and Sunday’s routes, the Saturday route map is below… carry on reading 😉
So Saturday morning, I set the shop up and left my wife in charge (who am I kidding? she’s always in charge! 😉 ) with our eldest daughter helping, and waited for Alan, my usual passenger / navigator mate… Only he turned up early? and parked in in front of the Jimny, blocking me in? Awww, turns out he wasn’t feeling well / up to it, so I had to go it alone…
I met Brett as arranged at the start of the M56 from where he made his first introductory video –

As we travelled up the M56 and onto the…
M6 for our journey north to meet the others…
Who forgot to book the weather?! As we travelled up the M6 it lashed it down in places, poor visibility from the rain and spray that comes with it…
It soon brightened up as we travelled north though, seeing signs for Scotland, and approaching our destination of Carlisle…
mapremovedWhere we were meeting the others at the McDonald’s near junction 44.
Left to right as per the norm’, Brett in the green Jalapeno Jimny, me in the S200KYS blue Jimny Alan-less, and Riccy and Joel in the dark grey J999MNY, with Phil and Rob parked behind them on the other side in the big black FUN Jimny…
McDonald’s was that busy that Brett and I skipped breakfast as we had food with us…
So, we went to set off… earlier in the morning when I’d gone to set off my Jimny’s battery had been depleted from standing I assumed, but even by then after a three hour drive up north, it still just clicked when I went to start it, so I had to jump start it off Brett’s battery to get me going?! That didn’t bode well for the weekend?! I’d have to drive carefully without stalling anywhere awkward!!!
Anyway, off we went…

Brett’s introductory video of the day, as we head off for the first ‘lane of the day at…
“Linstock”, it’s mostly –
… flat, but a good introductory ‘lane as is usually the case on our first lane of the day…

Brett’s YouTube Video of it.
Back on the tarmac after that and on our way to the next ‘lane, Phil asks over the CB if we can pull over somewhere safe…
His temporary fix to his exhaust to get his Jimny ready for the weekend – as the new exhaust had failed to turn up on time – failed, and his Jimny was a little to loud to proceed 😦 So, as is the norm, in “Top Gear” style, we abandoned him and carried on, with his mate Rob abandoning him too, and he jumped in with Brett for the rest of the day…
Onto ‘lane two then, that starts at “Greenhead”…
The first bit is just a yellow C-road as in…

Brett’s YouTube Video
But then leads on to a BOAT just after Lowtown –
Off tarmac and over a cattle grid onto the BOAT
My favourite blue sign “Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles” (ideal for Jimnys!)
Rising up…
And as you can hear Riccy say in Brett’s video below, we were then driving on the top of Hadrian’s Wall! 🙂

Brett’s Video of us atop the wall 🙂
A tiny stretch of tarmac and we’re then onto…

Layside / Parkhead
Taken along the way, looking back at Brett and Rob behind me…
And gather up by one of the many gates!
Towards the end of the video you can hear Riccy remark about a Roman fort in the distance –
Quick zoom in with picture editing software…
On towards the next ‘lane…
And we pass an impressive Lime Kiln by the side of the road…
Next “Thorngrafton Common” BOAT
At the start…

Where Brett’s YouTube Video takes over…
And looking backwards at the end…
We then skipped the next planned ‘lane for some reason? Too flat?! “Fell Cott” BOAT…
And proceeded to the next one “Walwick Fell”
Passed the few cottages on the UCR before the pink ORPA dots start (on the map above)
Where Brett’s video starts –

Going back through the video…
Coming through the gate and up the bank…
Skirting the edge of the field… You could hear on the video that the dots on the map don’t appear to be in the right place in relation to the GPS route on the ground…
And again in –

Brett’s YouTube Video. the route visible on the ground again doesn’t match the dots on the map –
The crosshair is quite off…
But again quite clear on the ground?
It leads us straight to the gate too –

DSCN8232.jpgTight onto the tarmac…
Looking back down from the road…
Speaking of which, a bit of tarmac to the next ‘lane…
Where we pass some nosey cows getting in the frame when I’m trying to take a photo of the remnants of Hadrian’s Wall again… Photo-bombed by cows?!
Next ‘lane! Low Moralee, another BOAT

Brett’s YouTube Video of it…
Exiting through someone’s property, surrounded by a flock of stone sheeps?!
And we’re soon onto the next ‘lane…

Ravenshaugh / Horneystead, with a concrete bottomed ford…

Carrying on…
And out at the grand farmhouse at the end of the ‘lane…
We then skipped the next ‘lane passed ‘Crossridge’ for some reason?
And onto –

Brett’s YouTube Video of it…
A couple of photos from the ‘lane –
A bit of tarmac and we’re soon onto the next ‘lane…
Border County Ride, or on Brett’s Video –



And then over Rede Bridge
Nice medieval bridge…
And on we go…
Towards the end of the ‘lane.
Next ‘lane goes to Tone Hall…

Brett’s Video of it…
Next! Barrasford Park  to Great Swinburne

Brett’s Video of it…
And some photos –
Crossing an access road to a Quarry…

Brett’s YouTube Video of the rest of the ‘lane…mapremoved
Next, a BOAT over the end of a reservoir towards Cheviot Farm

Brett’s Video of it
As on the video, the reservoir is very low…
So the ‘bridge’ bit at the end of the reservoir has no water under it… this time of year.
Next ‘lane then… “Hallington” to “West Side”.
As you’ll see in the video, there’s some humorous bales at the start of the lane –
Here’s the video –

And a couple of photos from this ‘lane –
Now then… next is the ‘lane we’ve been waiting for! Chollerton (Chollerford on the videos?) Steps…
… that would look lovely on my garage wall, I remarked! 😉
(I didn’t!)
Up we go… I’ll let all the videos take over now…

Brett’s Video of the first bit…
At two minutes in you can see me struggling with the first step…
Twice the steering wheel whipped around and I twisted my hand badly…
But I eventually got up as in this still taken from Brett’s Video above…
On the second step I got up on the second attempt with the nearside front tyre a foot or so in the air…!

Riccy’s Video looking from the top…
His video, driven expertly by Joel, gets up easily with it’s twin airlockers and rocklobster box…
And a still from Riccy’s Video with S200KYS waving a wheel 😉
My view of the second step coming up…
The lads having a post-mortem looking back down…
All up? Off we go then…

Carrying on in Brett’s Video.
Next! 😉 Codlaw Hill

Brett’s Video of it…
“Elrington” next, another BOAT

Brett’s Video Part One

And Part Deux 😉
Next Langley Castle Farm…

West Lands End
As you can hear Riccy say on the video below, this one is voluntary restraint during wet soggy weather…

and the second half…

Passing an organised (paid?) tour on the ‘lane…
“Lough Green”

Herding this lot to one side…
They bunch up and glare at us going passed! LOL 😉
We then meet another group of Land Rovers, and I blummin’ stalled reversing back, so one of them kindly jumped out with a jump-pack to get me going again! 🙂
On they go… and so do we…

Brett’s Video of the rest of the ‘lane…

And his end of day one summary…
Before we head off to…
Our beds for the night…
Gilsland Spa Hotel, Brett had found it on a hotel booking site for half of what they quoted when he phoned them direct to enquire 😉
We showered and changed and then went into “town” to meet the others, but… there were only two pubs in town and only one served food, and when we asked for a table of seven they looked shocked, hurried around and then said they could fit us in after an hour and a half’s wait… So we had a pint and the others, the locals, decided it would be easier to go home for tea… And when we mentioned that to the manager she said she could fit Brett and I straight in then, so we had a bite to eat and then headed back to the hotel for a couple more pints…

Day one over then, see you on day two’s blog… 😉

Tight & Scratchy – North Wales Coast 12/08/18

Sunday the 12th of August 2018, and a few of “our little group” had arranged to meet up and drive some of the best “tight and scratchy” greenlanes that the North Wales coast area has to offer…
We met at the excellent Whistlestop Cafe on Rhuddlan’s HTM Industrial Estate for a fantastic cooked breakfast… Although they were a bit late opening… and there was a marquee hire van and a couple of lads milling around waiting for them to open too. When the sign flicked on to OPEN, I said to them, “you go first, you’ve got work to do…” and just as I said that another five lads climbed out of the back of the van! d’Oh! LOL
Anyhow… from left to right as is customary… Kev and his faithful hound Freyja in the “Blue Rinse” Jimny (!) So called by his mates as it’s allegedly a bit of a hairdressers car, and has blue tints to the wheels also 😉 Brett in the middle in the green Jalapeno Jimny, and Alan and I in the blue S200KYS Jimny…
Our intended route for the day… plotted by our-Alan and transferred to Memory Map as a digital route by Brett, so the rest of us can follow on our tablets.

Brett’s Introductory Video as we set off from the Whistlestop Cafe and back towards St. Asaph for Kev to fuel up, and to join the beginning of the route… as Brett narrates as we head west up the A55 Expressway.

Brett’s Video of ‘Bryn-y-Pin’ a nice gentle ‘lane to start the day… 😉

Brett’s Video of the first bit of ‘Moelfre’, through the dark tunnel of undergrowth and into the field, where we stop to assess the damage to Kev’s CB aerial… once he’s gone back to retrieve it on foot! The magnetic aerial had been dragged off by the shrubbery and the cable had been ripped in two… So I retrieved my handheld CB from the back of my Jimny and lent him that for the day 🙂
Kev entering the tunnel of undergrowth
Pushing our way through…

Brett’s Video of the middle section of ‘Moelfre’ up to the…
…’big step’ mentioned at the end of the video above…
I took two goes at it, I really should give it a bit more welly first attempt! 😉

Brett’s Video of the third section of ‘Moelfre’, up the dark bit, the reference to “loving the new lights Phil” is to a pair of LED headlights… I had to take mine out for the MOT 😦
Up in the ‘dark’ of Moelfre under the cover of the trees…
Next ‘lane was going to be one through Abergele (Chest) Hospital, but a new gate and signage put us off, not worth the hassle… it’s a UCR with ORPA dots, but the signs say “PRIVATE NO THROUGH ROAD” and “WARNING CCTV RECORDING”.
On to the next ‘lane then…
Alan opens the gate to ‘Pant Idda’…

Brett’s Video of the first section, up to the tiny ‘Suzuki gate’ where he retrieves half a tree off his roof!
Back to the beginning of the ‘lane and this was our view ahead!
And looking back in the mirror at Kev (and Freyja) behind us…

Brett’s Video of the middle section – to my favourite bit – driving in the gulley, but only after…
… pausing to neatly stack a pile of fallen logs out of the way…
On we go!…

Through the muddy gulley and back to tarmac, where we cross to the next ‘lane immediately in front of us…

Brett’s Video of ‘Pen-y-bryn’ or ‘Ffynnonau’ – well said Brett 😉 LOL
Yup, I watch the videos in sections to work them into the timeline of the blog, and then when the blog is finished I sit down with a beer, or three, and watch them end to end…
DSCN8092.jpgYup! Definitely ‘Tight & Scratchy’… which is the order of the day! 😉
Speaking of which…

Brett’s Video of ‘Bont-y-Gwyddel’…
Where we met three weary sheep, I thought they’d got out of the field and onto the ‘lane where they were tired, hungry and thirsty… hence walking slowly in front of us… 😦
Passed “Ben’s Tree” 😉 We have fond memories of Ben squeezing his Land Cruiser past this tree 😉 He, and his Land Cruiser, are now happily living in Australia 😉 Hiya Ben! 😉
Lovely tight ‘lane!
And scratchy too…!
Oh no?! We’re not are we?! Every year or so, we come back to this one ‘Pen-y-Coed’ Alan’s most favourite ‘lane of the 520+ he’s driven with us over the last four and a bit years…
It’s a dead-end, it therefore doesn’t go anywhere… the farmer has asked us in the past why we do it (we didn’t see him “this year”), and we always say “because it’s there” (Use them or Lose them!), and apparently GLASS are planning to trim it and remove the fallen tree obstruction at the end… so we thought we might as enjoy it one more time as a ‘Jimny-lane’ before they open it up for all to use… 😉

Brett’s Video of the first third of it… you can see my waffle boards have a fight with an over-hanging branch, and then Alan has a fight with the gate…

Brett’s Video of the middle bit… waiting for Alan to shut the gate behind us, and then at three minutes and four minutes in you can see us squeezing between the trees…
At 5:30 minutes in I’m stuck on a branch that has forced itself under the waffle boards on my roof protection bars – ‘tree sliders’ –
And Kev’ removes it…
… with his folding “Samurai-Saw”… must get me one of them!

Brett’s Video of the trip back up Pen-y-Coed – you can hear him mentioning me – the ‘local welder’ – as the trees have peeled back a small section of his roof skin where his CB aerial was once attached… LOL! He’s booked in for a repair patch the Wednesday after this trip 😉
At about four minutes in, you can hear me say I’ve just lost my wing mirror… a tree claimed my passenger side mirror! 😦 and the protection bar from my snorkel to the front of the tree bars on the roof has also been ripped out…

Next ‘lane… another favourite! Drop down the valley side to a ford and then back onto the tarmac road on the other side of the valley…

Next… a BOAT we’ve driven from the other end a few times, but it is cut in half by a fence and a small gate, that in years gone by was locked and had a sign asking horse-riders to ring for access… But now is passable by motorbikes as seen on the video, but not 4x4s…
So we’ve driven both ends of the BOAT to my finger on the map… An appeal is being made to get his BOAT reopened to 4x4s…
As we can’t fit through that tiny gate! 😉
Coasting down the next hill, Brett’s transfer box again jumps out of drive 😦 So once again, disassemble all the gaitors, pull the lever out, slip the selector rods back into place, and then reassemble everything…
For the rest of the day Brett left Jalapeno in four wheel drive and turned the front hubs off and on as required, as that stops it jumping out of drive?…
Next, a new one – for us – one (of a few) Alan had been researching and had written to Conwy’s RoW Officers for the nod on…

Brett’s Video of this nice little find…
I whizzed off the end of that fallen log you can see at the end of the video with my cordless chainsaw.
As we came through the field and a couple of hundred Flossies spotted the 4x4s, they must have thought they were going to be fed, and followed us to the gate, so I had to jump out and persuade them not to follow us… they soon realised I was a red-blooded Welshman and all backed off…! 😉
Carrying on, following Brett…

To the end of the ‘lane as in his video above…
Next we drove the BOAT at Rhydgaled, but Brett didn’t video it, and I didn’t photograph it… Whoops! 😉

Next, Brett’s video of up Segrwyd “as we always seem to come down” 😉

Next, Nantglyn…
Following Kev this time…
Tight and Scratchy will a camber into the fields to the left, as seen on Brett’s video above.
Next… a personal favourite!

Brett’s Video of “Hafod-Dafydd”
And we followed Kev up… in a Jimny with open diffs and just a 2″ lift… Awesome!
Next, another new one to us, that Alan had had the nod from Conwy’s RoW Officers again…
I swore I’d been here before and we’d deemed it too narrow, so I sat on my waffler boards on the roof as the others went for a walk for a look, with Freyja, Kev’s dog…
The ‘lane goes up the edge of the field and then turns up and rises up the tree line at the top of the field… I swear we’ve walked it before and decided not to proceed…
But today they came back and said it was passable…?
So I drove in last and squeezed as far right as I could so that Alan could get back in after closing the gate behind us…

Brett’s Video of this cracking ‘lane…

The next one was just a white on the map… We went for a look and I remembered having a go at it from the other side at the crossroads, so Brett said we’d go around for a look at the other end… I got the wrong idea and decided to press through in a north-easterly direction, and then met him at the other side, with Kev behind, as you can see in…

Brett’s Video of this short but very T&S ‘lane!

Another ‘lane Alan had had the nod on… “Merddyn”
You can here us giving directions to Brett from behind, as Alan had been busy –
He does an awful lot of research using YouTube, Sreetview, Google Maps, Explorer paper Maps, and had summarised the lane as the sketch above so we knew exactly where we were going…

At the gate at the start…
At the second gate, good job Alan didn’t jump out too far to close the gate! 😮
At the point where Brett’s Video stops above, deciding where the lane goes, swinging left ahead of Brett…

Brett’s Video carrying on… you can see how marshy it must be in winter by all the reeds on the ‘lane.
And back onto tarmac at the top…
Next! We went to look at this one –
Having also been given the nod by the RoW Officers that this too was legal…
Handy Tip #53 – Alan laminates all the letters we get… to keep them dry? No! to stop landowners ripping them up! 😉 LOL
Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s driveable!…
A couple of fences and a load of trees… nothing has been through here in years!…

Next, Brett’s Video of Maelogen Fawr, inching down carefully, and then getting out to chop a couple of trees back…

Down and over an old rickerty bridge, and then out for a look at what lies ahead…

To the end of the ‘lane… As Brett says on the video he’s missed recording the climb up after getting out for a look…
Nearing the end of the above ‘lane.

Brett’s Video of a quick right angled diversion over a couple of UCRs along the way, at the top of Llanrwst… You can see his video ends with him coming upon a motorcyclist waving us down… He’d slipped on mud on the road, and his lady pillion passenger had dislocated her hip 😦 We had a chat, made sure they were okay, and then reversed back to turn around and carry on, when a Police Officer turned up, and they waited for an Ambulance to arrive…

So we about faced and dropped down into Llanwrst via the UCR again, to make our way round to Llanddoged.
The odd grid where the end of the downhill greenlane meets the top of a nice residential street!…
Back to our destination above Llanddoged, the red dots in the red circle above, again the RoW Officers had said this was legal, but…
DSCN8161.jpgThe route was blocked by Kev’, errr no, sorry, a metal shed in the bushes, that looked older than Kev’! Nothings been through there in years either…
Pennant next… Hmmm, and the gate (that we’ve cut the lock off before now – with permission from the Conwy RoW team!) is today blocked by a Land Rover… Hmmm, what’s that behind?
DSCN8163.jpgReal or false? We’ve had lots of signs on this ‘lane in the past…?
Well out-of-date?
We’ll contact the Row people and see what’s going on with this then…
On we go then…

Brett’s Video of our next ‘lane over at Eglwysbach…

Up to the gate in the middle, quick chat, and then on we go again…

Up to –
A fallen tree encroaching onto the ‘lane, which forced me onto the bank on the left…
And I needed a quick tug passed it from the winch before catching my hardtop back on it…
I then cut a bit off it for the others to get passed…

And on we go…
And out through someone’s garden 😦

Up alongside the caravan park… “Mind the Log!”

Tyn-y-Coed –
Where the cows come up from the field below to have a nosey at us…
And a slightly irate lady / landowner comes up and asks us what we’re doing and why are we scaring her cows? Her cows that wandered up inquisitively for a look at us?!
Obviously knowing we have a right to be there, she wanders off again…

The rest of the ‘lane…

Last ‘lane of the day then!
“Cow Lane” / Llanelian-yn-Rhos

Brett’s Closing Remarks…
Indeed a great day!
A few repairs in readiness for the next trip out then, a weekend in Northumberland!
See you all soon!


Lake District Weekend – Day Two / Sunday the 15/07/18

Carrying on from Saturday’s Blog
You’ll remember we stayed at the Blacksmith’s Arms in Talkin –
We started the morning early and had a look at Colin’s front panhard rod as it seemed to be causing the “death wobble” he’d been experiencing on the first day. Indeed, the rose-joint on the chassis end had a fair bit of play in it, but the potential replacements that Phil had brought over night weren’t big enough, so Colin started facing another day of the death wobbles… 😦
But, after an excellent cooked breakfast we gathered for another day of greenlaning in the Lake District / Cumbria…

Brett’s Introductory Video for Day Two then 😉

Brett’s Video of the first ‘lane of the day, it turns out to be graded and flat, but always worth a look! A gentle start to the day then, warm the Jimnys up 😉
Ah, as you’ll hear at the end of the video, Brett’s CB is playing up… it would receive but not transmit 😦
DSCN7917.jpgThe second ‘lane of the day then “Albyfield”…

Brett’s Video of it… and gathered in the field we find a group of 4x4s preparing for a trial!
Possibly the AWDC ? (All Wheel Drive Club)

Brett’s Video of “Aiketgate”…
The old tractor is still rusting away beside the ‘lane 😦

As Brett says on the video, another favourite ‘lane “Petterilgreen Cottages”
Riccy disappearing into the stream…
And, as at the end of Brett’s Video above, a well placed lump of tree was in the middle of the ‘lane, and took five of us to roll it sufficiently out of the way to allow us access…
On you go Brett 😉
Heading back to my own Jimny…
And about to pass the huge log, following the others up…

As you can see in Brett’s next Video, to the end of the ‘lane.

Next! Barrow Mill ford… a bit lower than usual! 😉
Thank looks a nice cool place to spend a few hours chillaxing?! 😉

Then “what goes up must come down” – back down Petterilgreen Cottages
Back through the big dip into the stream, and up the slope…
And over that big log you can see kick Brett’s Jimny around in his video above…
It also had a go at my Jimny 😦 …
It looks rather low at the back?!
That log won, and tore the top shock mounting off, and stole my spring!…
So Alan walked back to retrieve the spring, as…
… Brett and I removed the shock and strapped the spring to the seat so that we could carry on…

Next ‘lane then! “Faugh Head” and a great find…

Another lovely “green” lane!

Croglin Hall, Whin Fell
Not quite “as map” at the end, as the route seems to go across the middle of the field, as there in no route / exit through the woods shown on the map?
To our right in this photo… the only exit / gate is in the middle of the stone wall ah