Lleyn Peninsula 20/08/17

Sunday the 20th of August 2017, and a few of us had arranged to meet up and drive as many of the greenlanes on the Lleyn Peninsula as we could –
(The Lleyn Peninsula is the pointy out bit at the north west end of Wales, below Anglesey) πŸ˜‰
We arranged to meet up at Trawsfynydd’s Visitor Centre for breakfast as they open at 8am…
A cracking view met us we came down the steps…
Inside, we ordered breakfast and sat with another fantastic view out of the window –
And what a breakfast it was! Lovely, and good value too…

Brett’s introductory video, I know it’s slightly in the wrong place, but if you listen to the end he says we have a new truck along with us today…
From left to right – Alan and I in the blue S200KYS Jimny, Brett and his daughter (the lovely) Becky in the green Jalapeno Jimny, and a warm welcome to Mark and his son Ted in the big Land Rover Discovery.
The first lane of the day is just east of the breakfast venue, perfect planning by our Brett as usual! πŸ˜‰
On our way…
A low railway bridge… following Mark and Ted, Brett and Becky leading, and Alan and I bringing up the rear and shutting any gates behind us…
Small lake to our left…
Off the slate and onto the byway…
Dropping down…

Brett’s YouTube Video of the ‘lane… to the point where we got out for a look…
I remembered it being rutted the last time we were here (6 or 7 years ago) but this is completely impassable these days… And as remarked on the video, last time we drove it we went from the byway Β south-west on the UCRs to the farm, but the gates were locked and they said in no uncertain terms that we weren’t allowed through the farmyard…
So, only one thing to do, about turn and back the way we came…
Stopped on a bridge on the way to the next lane –
Huge water pipes coming down and under the road…
Turning off onto the next lane, it’s a bit hard to spot, especially with the signage…
The footpath (sign) heads south from our position on the map, whereas the lane heads west (pink ORPA dots, but it’s impossible to see on the map where the route starts)
Mark and Ted through the gate, which is where Brett’s video starts –

A nice climb up onto the forestry track at the top! πŸ™‚
Up through the forests, much of which had been recently harvested.
“Unsuitable for Motors” in English and Welsh…
Coming over the top I had to stop and answer a customers question πŸ˜‰
Behind us is Portmeirion just above the bush above my left waffle board on the roof.
You can see at the end of Brett’s second video –

That the route is impassable by anything but a two wheeled vehicle…
I ran forward to get these photos –
About turn again then? πŸ˜‰
The next was another one that was hard to find the start of from the map…
DSCN6218.jpgBut when we did find it, we were rewarded with a nice climb up as you can see in Brett’s video –

The bog at the end of the video was a bit deep though! About a foot up my leg when I stood on (in!) it…
So we turned round once again… A shame, as Alan walked forward quite a distance and the rest looked passable, and indeed joins up with a BOAT on the map…
Ah well, onto the next…
South West on the map, a UCR with ORPA dots…
Hmmm, I only took one photo?

But here’s Brett’s YouTube Video of it…!
Heading to Criccieth and then south onto thatΒ dead-end ‘lane…
Gathered for a spot of lunch, Ted having a run round πŸ˜‰

And I wandered off to find the little church hidden in the trees…
Into Criccieth…
Up a lane north of Llymgwyn…
Becky herding Shetland Ponies trying to escape through the gate!
And then cattle ran from all around to see what we were doing!

All here on Brett’s Video! πŸ˜‰
Carrying on!

As in Brett’s Video.
Next! North West up this one…
Again just the one photo, but here’s…..

Brett’s YouTube Video of it! πŸ˜‰
Next! Looks good by the map…

Ah, but it’s blocked by a parked car…
But he soon pops out with the keys and lets us through… πŸ™‚

Through the gate and over the little bridge
Quick photo of the Jimny πŸ™‚

Whoops, getting lost…

But soon back on track… the pink ORPA dots are very ambiguous!
To the left of the church (in the middle of nowhere?!)
Another gate, and then…
… a climb up back to tarmacadam…
A short bit of it and we’re soon onto the next ‘lane –
Where we rejoin Brett –

Passed the mobile masts –
And back to the road again as in the video above.
The next ‘lane (We came at it from the south east)
Passed the mill pond and water wheel…
But after staring into a freshly ploughed field for a while we could see no sign of it…
Byway sign
And it is indeed a BOAT so this should be passable?!
Just about! πŸ˜‰

You can here some discussion about where we were on the video above, because –
We appeared to wander off the route (see the red tracer line above (the blue one is our intended route for the day, the BOAT we should be on is the +-+-+-+- on the map) but it appeared to be an OS mapping error, as both our GPSs showed us off the right of way, but evidence on the ground said we were on the right route.

Safely out the other end…
Back to the coast… approaching Nefyn.
A lane below Dinas.
A bit of grief at the start of the ‘lane as we had to ask a homeowner to move her car, and then her daughter took photos of us from the doorway of their house 😦

Brett’s YouTube Video of the climb to where it meets the UCR, at –
A rather big step behind us…
A better view of it.

Brett’s YouTube Video of the rest of the lane as it becomes the UCR.
Next! Sarn Mellteyrn.

A nice lane! As on Brett’s YouTube Video.
And then the one heading west out of the village as on the map above…

Part One up to a battery change πŸ˜‰

Part Two…

Lane 13 of the day… there was another car blocking the right of way –
DSCN6265.jpg…but it looked a bit too tight anyway, so we turned around and went back the way we came again…
Whoops, caught on video, me doing a twenty-seven point turn in a tight ‘lane!
And then Brett calls out over the CB Radio to “Take us home Dave”…
So we switch from MemoryMap on the iPad to the TomTom SatNav App with Homer Simpson’s voice directing us home…

Brett’s Closing remarks πŸ™‚
Homer directs us up to Caernarvon and then Bangor, onto the A55 and home…?
BUT, as we reach Bangor, the A55 is closed again, the Police direct us off…
An extra hour to get home via Betws-y-Coed, Llanwrst, etc…
Turned out there’d been a smash in the (start of?) the Conwy tunnel, so the Police had acted quickly to shut the road and direct everyone off…
Ho-hum! πŸ˜‰
Another great day’s greenlaning though! Plenty of new ‘lanes ticked off the map!
THANKS to Brett for leading, plotting, liaising, videoing, Becky for opening all the gates, and helping her old man with the driving πŸ˜‰ Mark and Ted for coming along πŸ˜‰ , and thanks to Alan for the company, navigating and closing all the gates behind us πŸ˜‰


One thought on “Lleyn Peninsula 20/08/17

  1. A great day out to a part of Wales that I haven’t been to before … I think as a kid we went to Butlins in Pwllheli for a holiday, and maybe I have visited Criccieth Castle in the past 20years, but I have never been to the Lleyn for 4×4’ing. Sadly, we came across a few of the NIBMY’s of 4×4’ing, but as ever we know we are legal as we check the Lanes in advance. But, there’s no need to be harangued and abused, painting us with a brush! That apart, the weather was great until around 3pm when it started to drizzle and turned into proper rain! The whole day was blighted by a severe accident on the A55 in the Conwy Tunnels that added around 2.5hrs onto our journey home. Driving from 6:30AM, and in bed at 9:30PM made for along, but enjoyable day …

    Next trip out is Sunday 17th September, where another visit to Henryd is expected.


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