Greenlaning Locally 29/10/17

Sunday the 29th of October 2017, and Brett, Alan and I had arranged to meet up and go and drive some local ‘lanes around my area… so Landranger Map Number 116 basically!
Alan had plotted the route for us, and I’d plotted it on MemoryMap for myself and Brett to follow as we drove –
We arranged to meet up again at the WhistleStop Cafe in Rhuddlan –
So, just the two Jimnys, Alan and I in my blue S200KYS, and Brett with his daughter (the lovely) Becky for the day out with her Dad. πŸ™‚
Another excellent Breakfast devoured and we were off –

Brett’s customary introductory video.
First (two) ‘lane(s) of the day then –
“Pant-glas” Between Llanasa and Axton. coming down south is a BOAT, and then going East it’s actually on the Landranger map as a RUPP (Road Used as a Public Path) that were mostly reclassified under the NERC Act, but this one remains driveable as there’s a ByWay sign pointing up it –
This is at the end of the RUPP on the map, I didn’t take any other photos as it’s flat, but a gentle introduction to the day, and, here’s Brett’s video of it –

Lane two – from Llanasa down to Gronant, is a BOAT –
Starts out nice and flat…
View of the coast to our right, a sea of caravans!
Dropping down to the coast…

Here’s Brett’s video of the ‘lane…
Armco barriers? There’s a deep old quarry to our right…
And here we are at the other end of the ‘lane…
A few hundred yards down the road, and we’re onto another…
A funny little BOAT going downhill to the end of the dual carriageway below. You can just see the end of the last ‘lane at the bottom left edge of the iPad’s screen.
Popping out an the odd crossing at the end of the dual carriageway on the map above…
Odd as it’s a horse-specific crossing! Even these button panels are high to suit the rider on horseback…

Brett’s Video of this ‘lane.
Next ‘lane, from Gronant up to Gwaenysgor…
Up to the trees ahead and then left…
Under a fallen tree with the sun making a dramatic photo πŸ™‚
And then up to the Police Communications compound at the top that gives this area the name “Radar Hill”.

Brett’s video of the climb up…

And then, Brett’s video of us driving down from Radar Hill to Gwaenysgor.
Map showing the close proximity of these first 4 (5) ‘Lanes…
Brett and Becky entering the gate to the next two ‘lanes…
East of Tremeirchion, first BOAT goes south and then the next one East…
A really green lane!
Brett and Becky behind us…

Brett’s first video of this ‘lane

And the second πŸ˜‰
Start of the second BOAT
Lovely ‘lane this one…

Here’s Brett’s video of the first bit up to a gate…
Look at that for a greenlane photo! πŸ˜‰
That epitomises greenlaning for me, I love the gnarly, tight and scratchy ‘lanes, but I also love the scenic ones too, that’s one photo I’m going to print!
Approaching the top / end of the ‘lane…

Brett’s video of the second half of the ‘lane.
This is a ‘lane Alan is currently researching…
It appears on the Landranger map as black lines so it’s a “path” but not really classified properly, so that’ll be queried with Flintshire’s Rights of Way department before we drive it… The other end appears the same, so it looks driveable, we just need to check the legality of doing so…
Particularly as it appears as a(n) UCR on the Explorer series maps?…
Lane 7 then…
Near Brynford (Holywell)
Another byway…

As Brett’s video shows, it’s much more boggier and rutted than I’ve ever seen it before?

We then drive over the golf course and over a small access bridge over the A55 North Wales coastal expressway, Brett remarks over the CB where are we going, and as you can hear on the video, I just wanted to have a look at the old course of the BOAT as it has been split in two by the A55 road –
So the bit in the orange oval is the old part of the BOAT

Up the right hand bit and then doubling back to under  Pen-y-Ball Top, I stopped as I could hear a click from my right front wheel 😦

And then to the (dead-) end of the ‘lane, where I discovered my wheel nuts were loose?! So a quick lend of Brett’s rattle gun to tighten the remaining ones up, and I retrieved a spare one from my parts box that sits with the tool box under the internal rollcage… Fixed!
The end of the BOAT, beyond the hedge is the A55 full of traffic…
Next, “Narrow Lane” which isn’t! Narrow, or a Lane! It’s on the map as a BOAT, but…

… is wide and pot-holed!
Looking back at the same portion of map again, this is in the bottom middle to the right of the word “Calcoed”, a BOAT?!
Next, a new ‘lane?! This close to home?
At the red crosshair, planning to drive south-east…

Brett’s video shows us arriving at the potential ‘lane, and me getting out to talk to the adjacent landowner…

And then the next video shows us turning around, and then stopping at the top for a chat. The landowner had said it was too narrow (and rocky?) at the top for vehicles to pass through. As can be heard on the videos we (Alan) did have a letter from Flintshire CC’s RoW dept to say it was a legal vehicular route, but I think Alan had given me the letter and I’d mis-filed (lost!) it… Without it I didn’t want to drive the ‘lane infront of the adjacent landowner… So I’d turned round…
But then, a group of five bikers approached us as we were chatting! So I flagged them down, and it turned out Alan knew the lead motorcyclist from the trials he organises, so we had a good chat, and they too said it was a bit narrow at the top, but bikes regular used it…
So, that confirmed it was a legal right of way, so we drove around to the other end of the ‘lane to have a look, and met the bikers again, coming off the ‘lane, and they again said it was a bit narrow… Hmmmm, but so are our little Jimnys compared to most 4x4s?…
At the other end, Alan (pictured) and then Brett go for a walk down the whole length of the ‘lane back to where I spoke to the adjacent landowner in the huge tractor…
So we’re now here at the other end…
Ummm?! The gates open? Here we go…
The guys have walked it and think we can fit through in our little Jimnys…

As Brett says on his video, it is narrow! Ok for Jimnys though! And best driven at this time of year from the farm in a North-Westerly direction as we did on the video… In the summer we may try it in the other direction when the ground is firmer…
A nice new find Alan! πŸ˜‰
Lane 11 next then, at Lixwm that appears to be wrongly signed as a footpath, but that sign should be pointing through the field to the right…
It even looks like a footpath!

Here’s Brett’s video of it…
Looking back at Brett & Becky
Another πŸ™‚
Passing the end of the bridleway, here –
In the orange circle looking west, to our right as we come off the ‘lane above…
The next ‘lane was a surprise as it was a yellow C road on the maps but had an “Unsuitable for Motors” sign at the start of it? –

Here’s Brett’s video of it…
Some C-Road?!
That’s this stretch of ‘road’.
Next three ‘lanes then, all UCRs with ORPA dots…

The first “Rhewl”
A quick bit of tarmac and then –


And then finally “Garneddwen”…
Next! Another BOAT, here –
Heading North (so downhill) above Nannerch…

Brett’s video of it πŸ™‚
One more ‘lane and we’ll stop for lunch Brett πŸ˜‰
This one –
Above Kevin Keegan’s old house…

Up to the top, through the gate, and..
DSCN6628.jpgA spot of lunch! πŸ™‚
Next! A nice big long BOAT along the edge of the Clwyd valley…
DSCN6629.jpgLeafy start…
But it soon opens up to views of the valley to our left…

Hang on? That was enthusiastic waving from a walker / rambler?! πŸ˜‰
Oh my god, what a place to meet… Malcolm Price, my Dad’s old partner in Castle Steel… we stopped for a handshake and a quick catch-up, they’d walked the length of the ‘lane from the car park at the other end near the TV mast… Good to see you Mal’! πŸ˜‰ xxx

On we go…
Ending up as Brett says, for a blog photo of the scenery with the Jimnys in the foreground –
Worth the stop though?! πŸ˜‰

On we go again… to the little car park at the end.
We then turned east at the car park to go down another ‘lane…

And then looped back to the car park again, to go west…
Another Byway…

And down the other side…
Great views on the way down.
A short run of tarmac through Denbigh, and we’re soon onto our next Byway –

A bit of a stand off at the end, but they move the tractor in the end πŸ˜‰
Next ‘lane at Nantglyn…

… out comes my little cordless chainsaw to chop this into pieces to get it off the ‘lane…

On we go again… until… Hmmm, I can’t drive over this Brett? πŸ˜‰
Looks a bit big for my cordless chainsaw?
Nope! 36V Bosch gets through it and chops it up into manageable pieces to get it off the ‘lane…

On we go!
Next… Hafod Dafydd! This time, after Alan had seen recent TRF videos on Youtube, it appears the bottom end is now driveable, and not full of slurry as seen previously…

Fantastic ‘lane that!
Last but one coming up then…
On the way there we were overtook by a couple of rally cars, waving as we indicated it was safe for them to pass us.


More and more gates! 😦
Our last ‘lane of the day was supposed to be at Rhydgaled, but we decided to give that a miss and head home….. via “Moelfre” as Brett had commented by email when I’d sent him the route “What no Moelfre?”, so we added it on the way home especially for him…
Top-down today, easterly direction…
Down passed the badger’s sets humps…

Brett’s video of the first bit…
Pausing to cut up and move a small branch…

Up to the bit where we have to get a wheel on each side and drive over a gulley… Only –
A tree has fallen…
And although we’ve cut and removed all the smaller branches, the trunk is too low for us to pass under whilst bridging the gulley, so we’ll have to drive into it with our left wheels…

So I tried to climb the left bank… but then reached for the tree strop…

After a couple of failed attempts, out comes the spade… to dig the diff out!

Next attempt and after a quick tug she’s free and out…
With many thanks to Brett! πŸ˜‰
Then Becky’s attempt…

Up first time!… What a woman! πŸ™‚
And in homage, here’s my video! –

LOL… Well Done Becky! πŸ˜‰

Brett’s closing remarks… πŸ˜‰
I didn’t mean to spray his windscreen! I was stuck in four wheel drive, and then when it did chunk out I missed a gear, got it into first and ragged it, and (accidently!) sprayed Brett’s Jimny with mud… Whoops!
He is speaking to me again now though! πŸ˜‰
And another pin in my Landranger 116 map!… The circle is a ten mile radius from my house… There’s still a few more pins to collect though πŸ˜‰

MANY THANKSΒ … to Alan for planning, plotting and liaising with the relevant council’s RoW departments, and for navigating and opening all the gates, and clearing trees and winch bitching! Thanks to Brett for videoing, closing gates, and letting Becky drive most of the ‘lanes… And thanks to Becky for showing us up on the last ‘lane “Moelfre” by getting through the gulley first time! And for driving all day, and looking as lovely as ever…!

Another great day! THANKS ALL! πŸ˜‰


One thought on “Greenlaning Locally 29/10/17

  1. An absolutely brilliant day out – except when Becky drove up Moelfre on her own and in-assisted …

    Next trip is Sunday 19th November … Olham and Holmfirth …. IISNNY?


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