Oldham to Holfirth 19/11/17

This is a re-run of the route we did back in June
So a similar route had been planned –
North-West of Manchester then.
So I set the SatNav on the iPad to guide us in, and it said 1 hour 20 mins, and arriving at about 8:15am, as we’d arranged to meet up at 8:30am, so that gave us time for a petrol stop on the way too…
Brett text’d me a couple of minutes before we arrived to say he was there, and as we pulled up behind him, the others arrived and pulled in in front…
So from left-to-right : Alan and I in the blue S200KYS Jimny, Brett and his daughter (the lovely) Becky in the green Jalepeno jimny, and Riccy and Joel in the grey Jimny.
Time to disconnect the Anti-Roll-Bars. all three of us have them… safer on the road, and better articulation offroad.
And then onto the first ‘lane of the day…
A nice frosty morning!
Hey, before we start, you’ve forgotten something Brett! –

Brett’s Introductory Video… he nearly forgot then didn’t he? 😉
A fantastic ‘lane this up into the silhouette of the rising sun…

Whoops, he’s forgotten to lock his hubs as well…!

The second ‘lane, and Becky now driving (as it turns out for the whole of the day! Brett only got to drive the first ‘lane!), cracks the ice on all the large puddles –
We’re at the back as usual shutting the gates (not many today though) and can see the ice all broken up.

Lane three, down a cobbled old route

Lane four, previously blocked by a farm tanker trailer…
Now has a more permanent blockage…!

Lane five 🙂
As you can hear at the end of the video Brett & Becky were discussing whether they had drive or not… It turned out the transfer box stick had popped out, so we stopped for a while and stripped the stick out, realigned the selector rods with a big screwdriver and then reassembled everything… Luckily, it has happened to us for a while, but does from time to time! LOL

Onto lane number six then! Lot’s of dogging going on on this ‘lane! A small group of motorbikers stop behind us to leave a gap between us and them 🙂

Lane seven.
I did take some photos of these ‘lanes, but I thought I’d keep the photos to a minimum, as they are all repeated within the videos, and as I said at the top of this blog, we did this route fairly recently too.

Lane eight.
Sign looking back at the bottom… Yup! Unsuitable for Motor (Car)s! You can hear Brett mention it on the video above… 😉
Turning into Lane nine…

What a driver TLB (The Lovely Becky) is, Huh?! 😉
It certainly looks tippy!
Carrying on…

Bit flatter along here, Brett and Becky stop to talk to a walker who can’t believe we’ve come up from the road below!

The last third…
A couple of photos of the last bit…
Carrying on…

Through the little ford…
And then onto a fantastic ‘lane –
Watched by a big shire horse behind the gate… and apparently the home owner, more on that later on in the day and the blog…

Photo from the climb up…

And then along the top of the reservoirs below us to our right –
Here at the crosshair roughly in the middle of the iPad’s screen…

On we go…

Dropping down to the reservoirs…
And the chap with the black Labrador asked if we’d taken a wrong turn somewhere?! 😉
Down to the Jimny at the bottom.

And then across the reservoir dam…
And then we’re soon off tarmac again –
As in Brett’s next video –

Our next route. over another dam –
Is still blocked off with diversions round it…
So we make our way back to Holmbridge to drop down the yellow C road to just above Crossley’s Plantation…
Passing the ranger while turning left onto the ‘lane…

Excellent driving from TLB again 😉
And Riccy behind showing some nice flex as he goes around the corner and into the axle twisters…

Carrying on…
Another sign for the collection at the start of the next ‘lane…

Brett’s video of it.
The next one…
… is a no through road? 😉

At the beginnning of the video you can see a tour bus, as this is “Last of the Summer Wine” country 😉
We then pulled over for a break in a (closed) pub car park…
And Brett pulled out a (diabetic) Birthday Cake for me! It was my fiftieth a few days before this trip! Very nice rich chocolate cake, and made with sweeteners rather than sugars, as I’m a diabetic… what a nice thought! Cheers Brett! 😉

On to ‘lane seventeen then!

Lane eighteen, Meal Hill, to the point where we have to stop for some repairs, again…
Nice place to stop though!

Soon repaired and off we go…

Lane nineteen, a BOAT around a farm….
And then we reached the end of the route, so we turned around and went back the way we came taking in some of the best ‘lanes on the way back, doing them the other way round…
Ahhh, along the way though, my Jimny developed a knocking noise from the rear…
On investigation the offside rear shock has come away from the crossmember bracket, taking some of the steel with it… bugger! That will be a job to get to!
That’s torn it! 😉
Ah well, only one thing to do…
Carry on! LOL it’ll be alright, the spring is the right length to stay in place… hopefully!

Back down ‘Ramsden’.
Nice shot of Riccy on the axle twisting section
And towards the bottom… twisting up nicely again…

New little ‘white road’ discovered along the way 🙂
Over the dam…

And then that little white gets us back towards the reservoir run.
The others turning left as we shut the gate…

Up above the reservoirs…
And then back to the UCR by the shire horse we drove earlier upwards…

Where the chap at the bottom writes our number plates down, supposedly so someone can send us the bill for driving a legal byway, a UCR…?
I stopped a good six feet infront of him so he could write my registration down to, and also explained that it was an unclassified county road we were driving fully legally, not sure what he’ll do with our registrations, but we’ll keep you posted…
Anyway –
Some nice angles coming down there…
It seemed more than 22 degrees though?!
Back through the little ford… well we did! 😉

Back down the rutted bit to the A road below…
Riccy and Joel in front.
Nice angle…
29 degrees this time…

And then the first great ‘lane of the day becomes the last great ‘lane of the day…
And back out and onto tarmac…
We gathered for a chat, shake of hands, reconnect the anti-roll-bars, and then headed off on our separate ways home…

Brett’s closing remarks, indeed ahead of us somewhere as we stopped for fuel and a cold Diet Coke…
My trusty SatNav said we’d be home for just before six… time for a kebab, shower and a good soak in the hot-tub! 😉
Jimny now awaiting repairs ready for the next run, to the Lake District in three weeks time…
An awesome day, thanks to everyone! 🙂


One thought on “Oldham to Holfirth 19/11/17

  1. An absolutely brilliant day out, I really enjoyed driving ONE Lane (the first lane) – but I know Becky is a capable 4×4 driver and as she doesn’t come on every trip – “Dad” becomes Gate Boy and Navigator

    Next trip is Sunday 10th December … Lakes Day Trip …. IISTDY?


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