South Shropshire “Milestones”

Sunday the 25th of February, and a few of “our little group” had arranged to meet up for a days greenlaning in South Shropshire and a bit of Staffordshire –
Brett had emailed out the route so we could all load it on our tablets, we were to meet near Bridgnorth and eventually finish the day at Ellesmere…
So Alan and I left at 5:45am to meet Brett on the way. We ended up ahead of him for once, so we pulled into a layby on the A483 near Rossett to wait for him, and then fell in behind him for the journey down, when he roared passed us… As you can here on –

Brett’s Introductory Video Part 1 🙂
We’d arranged to meet in the car park of the Acton Arms in Morville. When we arrived, Phil S was there already, waiting for us in his new build! A reincarnation of his previous Jimny, now very neatly converted into a pickup bed, complete with twin winches, very smart!
While we were chatting, Steve arrived, making four Jimnys for the day, we were to be a five, but Gary F had to pull out as he was still repairing his Jimny after a day at a pay’n’play site, as you’ll hear in…

Brett’s Introductory Video Part 2 😉
Right then, not even time to eat my bacon and egg sandwich, and we’re already off, to…
… the first ‘lane of the day, a short tarmac trip away… “Lower Faintree” on the map above, a BOAT heading south…
The sun has only just come up, we met at 8am to get a head start on the daylight this time of year…

Here’s Brett’s Video of the first ‘lane of the day.
A little further on after this first ‘lane, Alan pointed out the Ordnance Survey marker on the map (above), the little blue triangle between the numbers 196 and the words “The Baytree”, so I stopped for a quick look –
A bit overgrown, but it’s between the hedge and the two pallets forming a temporary gate, in the above photo. Follow the link above for more information on these 😉
On we go, second ‘lane of the day… “Duddlewick to Pickthorn Farm”
DSCN7268.jpgNice photo of the others in front of us as we round the edge of a field…
A Jimny gate!

As can be seen in Brett’s Video of this ‘lane…
Along the way there’s a ford on a C road close by, so it would be rude not to take it in? 😉
Shallow, but worth the detour, especially as it cut the corner off (map above).
Next ‘lane then?! Hampton Loade…

Bit flat as you can see in Brett’s video, but always worth driving them… “Use them or lose them” ! 😉
Next ‘lane then…
Interesting start, under some water pipes…
Dropping down…
And entering a stream?…
Cool! 🙂
Ahead the others have stopped and we catch them up…
Out for a look… having added some recycled water to the stream 😉
Ahhh… Phil out for a shakedown in his new build, discovers those pesky vacuum hubs aren’t engaging properly when you need them to (learnt that the hard way too!)
So he winches up the bank off the back of Brett’s Jalapeno Jimny…
Back to the Jimnys then…!

Brett’s video up to the point of stopping for Phil when he couldn’t see him in his rear view mirror…
Steve in the big red Jimny…
Up he comes…
Me next – thanks to Alan for taking the photo!
DSCN7294.jpgNice signage by Shropshire’s Rights of Way team 🙂
Next ‘lane then, and you can see our crosshair on the map below Turleygreen.
Flat and obviously heavily graded fairly recently…

A good drive though, as you can see in Brett’s Video above.
Next, Coton Farm to Quatt Farm, another BOAT

Here in Brett’s Video.
After this ‘lane Phil decided that was enough, he’d given his smashing new vehicle a bit of a shakedown, discovered the vacuum free wheel hubs weren’t operating correctly, and didn’t want to hold us up by not having four wheel drive properly…
… and bid us thanks and farewell, and said he’ll see us for another trip real soon…
Good! Be nice to see you and your lovely little pickup soon mate 😉
“And then, there were three”…
Onto the next ‘lane then, a BOAT with a little –
Ford in the middle, as you can see betterer once again on…

Brett’s Video 🙂
Ah, as we discuss over the CBs whilst on the ‘lane, the Ford on the map actually refers to a ford on the tarmac road –
The depth gauge  indicates it may get quite deep, but not today, it’s just a “tyre wetter”…
Next, another BOAT the one in the middle heading north.

Here, in Brett’s Video, and then we drive the one adjacent to it heading west on the map…

Brett’s Video of it.
Next! Another BOAT heading north Upper Farmcote to Woundale.

Here’s Brett’s Video of it.
Next… a series of ‘lanes around Claverley, the first starting below Chyknell, a BOAT –

Brett’s up where it crosses the white road…
Quite deep ruts.
Sneaking past the back of building as seen in –

Brett’s next video

Brett’s third video of us looping back under the word Claverly on the map above, and below for that matter –
Where you find us heading up another BOAT to the east of Sandford.

Brett’s Video of it…
mapremovedNext, yet another BOAT heading north to Draycott –

As seen in Brett’s Video above 🙂
The next ‘lane looked an awkward one, the map is below, we’d seen it on trailwise the national database of rights of way, and videos of the TRF using it, but the start appeared to be a bridleway, so we couldn’t see any way onto it, so we started at the other end…
Here, from the B-road up to the gap between Castle and Hill…?
Up through the scratchy bushes…
And avenue of trees…
Where you can see we stop at the top and find there is no way down except the aforementioned bridleway…

Here’s Brett’s Video up to the top…
Here’s our crosshair just above the second-o in Common., so we turn around and head back north east…
Back down the ‘lane… we were at the back and last to turn round, so we had some catching up to do…
Steve in the distance…
Then there was a bit of tarmac to next lane-
Buildwas Lane, I didn’t take any photos as we did this ‘lane on our last trip, but here’s…

Brett’s Video of Buildwas Lane.
Next, from Overley up to Wrockwardine…

Brett’s Video of it.
And then around Sheriffhale (Manor)

Again, in Brett’s Video…
And then off to find this one at Whiston, on the map as a BOAT yup?

Brett’s Video though shows us finding a locked gate, and a footpath sign though? –
A Padlocked gate…
DSCN7337.jpgAnd a footpath sign pointing up the field, where the vehicular ruts are… Definitely the right of way we were looking for though, so time to take advice off the local council’s Rights of Way, and report back to Glass and Trailwise.
Here we  at the other end of it…
And more locked gates…
Ah well, onto the next one took which took some finding! Again a BOAT…
Nothing much is getting down that Byway Open to All Traffic!!
Next ‘lane then, above Upper Cowley…
We find the ‘lane half obscured by a white van, and lots of other vehicles around? As you can see in…

Brett’s Video of us meeting the treasure hunters!
Without a word of a lie, there must have been about FIFTY people decked out mostly in drabs and holding their metal detectors! The farmer had just recently ploughed the fields and they’d organised some mass scan so see if anything was unearthed?…
We stopped to walk over to where the canal goes through a tunnel just to the right of the ‘lane…

Brett’s Video of the rest of the ‘lane to –
A bridge over the canal with nice properties backing on to the waterfront…

Brett’s Video of a little lane we missed earlier on the loop / diversion…
And then we found a millennium stone with a plaque that read –
Next ‘lane leads to Sutton then…
Plenty of warning signage “Don’t follow Sat Nav”, hence the comment on Brett’s Video below…
And a hand painted version of the signs I always “collect” 😉

Hmmm, Brett’s short video stops abruptly?

Ah, problems with his camera? 😉
Through a big sandstone cutting along way…
A loop of UCRs with ORPA dots east of Croxton next then…?

But as you can see on Brett’s Video –
It’s too narrow even for us to push through down there?!
Quick drive around “The Bogs”??!

As Brett calls it more politely on his video “The Wellings” 😉
Another little ‘lane along the way…

Brett’s Video of it….
Another loop at Mucklestone (great name!)

Brett’s Video of it…
Another ByWay…
Nice! As you can see in…

Brett’s Video of it.
Lane below Dobson’s Bridge next then, heading west from the crosshair on the map above…

Brett’s Video
And then south on the next one…

Brett’s Video
mapremovedThen this ‘lane south from Bilmarsh, contrary to the map we drove this one heading south after coming in from the C-road top right of the ‘lane….

Brett’s Video of the first part of it, up to…
The point where a fallen tree blocks our way…
Soon chopped up with the cordless chainsaw though 😉

On we go…
As in the video below we carried on through a rocky ravine…
Cutting more fallen trees as we went…

Brett’s video of the last bit of this great ‘lane…
Next ‘lane heading west from B-U-R-L-T-O-N (video reference 😉 )
You sure we can get through here Brett?

Brett’s Video of it…
Back around “Cockshutt” (Titter!)

Brett’s Video of the first bit going anti-cockwise (LOL)
There was indeed some deep standing water on the ‘lane!
Then we reached the crosshair on the above map to travel west back to the A road…

But as you can see in Brett’s Video we were met with…
A gate with a combination lock? Part of an angling club’s patch it would seem?
Ah well, off we go… one more ‘lane to go…
Hmmm, straight off a busy road, and…
… rather overgrown?! Brett and Alan go for a walk down it while I take a photo and devour a bag of Prawn Crackers 😉
They return saying it’s not worth it as the last ‘lane of the day with the light due to fade soon… Time to head home…

Brett’s traditioal closing remarks 😉
Indeed, a great day out as always, some fairly flat ‘lanes today, but that’s life, “use them or lose them”! 😉
Thanks to Brett for planning, plotting, checking and liasing… and for leading and videoing! Thanks to Phil for making a short-live comeback, but with the Scorpion having had a shakedown he knows what needs sorting ready for next time 😉 And to Steve for coming up all the way from darn sarf to spend another days ‘laning with us!
And finally, thanks to Alan for also making a comeback after a recent ailment that kept him from “his seat” in my Jimny 😉 He’s now back to his usual self and shutting the odd gate we encountered and following the route with his maps and Potti, and still sneaking a glance at the iPad now and again to check where we were 😉 And, back to the sub-title of the day… “Milestones”, as well as seeing the Ordnance Survey marker stone, the Millennium stone, we also reached a couple more milestones – this was Alan’s fortieth trip with us, and during the day he added the 500th (unique) ‘lane to his catalogue so far!
Another great day! Thanks to ALL! 😉


2 thoughts on “South Shropshire “Milestones”

  1. Another great day out with my Jimny mates. Megga thanks as ever to Mr. B. Logger for compiling our famous Blogs (its funny i get a few FB messages asking when the Blog will be out, but Dave has long days in his shop (7am-9pm each day) and getting the Blogs out are tough!!

    Next trip is FULL of Jimny’s where we are driving into North Wales and we’re doing one of my least favourite lanes – Henryd …. I have a love / hate relationship with Henryd.

    The Mavigator.


  2. My mother remembered going along Prawn Crackers in a pony and trap many years ago (probably 1920/30’s), whilst I did it on 2 wheels as recently as early 1990’s, but beware of hidden rocks a fellow rider hit one in the undergrowth, threw him off and split his chin open=a trip to Ellesmere Hospital for a stitch before carrying on.


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