Lake District Weekend – Day One / Saturday the 14/07/18

Our annual weekend up in the Lake District!

And Brett had plotted us a huge route going clockwise so up the left side of the route on the Saturday to our pub with rooms for the night, and then back down the right side of the route on the Sunday! 🙂
That’s all I needed! Saturday morning and S200KYS wouldn’t start, the battery had depleted after sitting around for too long, so in came the daily driver to give it a jump start! 😉

Brett’s customary introductory video, you’ll here him say that we didn’t have a trip in June due to problems with his transfer box back in May, but now he’s had a ‘new’ transfer box installed from Rockwatt the “God of Gearing” (I named him that, and it’s stuck, so there’s a pint owed there somewhere!) 😉
So, on we go, Saturday’s route –
Saw us meeting Brett on the Saturday morning at the start of the M56 after setting up my shop and leaving the wife in charge (who am I kidding, she’s always in charge 😉 ). We then travelled north up the M6 to meet the others at the Texaco garage in Crooklands.
Photo courtesy of Colin 😉
Better than my effort 😉
Left to right then – Colin in the Red Rooster, Brett in Jalapeno, Alan & I in S200KYS, Riccy in J999MNY (undoing his anti-roll-bar disconnect) and Phil & Rob in the FUN Jimny. A nice variety of five Big Jimnys!
All pretty much similar sized and spec’ed, we try for a minimum of a good lift, big tyres, a rear traction device and a front winch, to handle the sort of terrain we normally visit…
After filling up with fuel / Diet Coke! and having a bit of an introductory chat and admiring each others Jimnys, we’re off…
We somehow got left behind… we were in our usual position of bringing up the rear to shut the gates, and somehow the others flew passed the first ‘lane “Dove House Farm” so we ended up driving it ourselves thinking “No-one’s been down here today”, and re-grouping at the end after they’d turned round and driven the ‘lane after us…
Second ‘lane of the day then –

Brett’s YouTube Video through Lupton Ford, not much water in it as we’ve recently had a heatwave in the UK for a change!
Along the way on tarmac, someone spotted –
Photo courtesy of Phil
A herd of wild deer on the opposite bank of the river! So we stopped for a look…

Brett’s YouTube Video of them by the river bank 🙂
Next “Parkside” ‘lane in Milnthorpe – bit of a squeeze!

Brett’s YouTube video of it… finally emerging behind a Supermarket Car Park?!

Next, Brett’s YouTube Video of “Eversley”, up for a change!
A couple of highlight photos from Eversley, following Phil & Rob…
DSCN7865.jpgTight & Scratchy! Just the way we like it!

Brett’s YouTube Video of the next ‘lane “Lindale”, Hampsfield

Next! Brett’s YouTube Video of Greaves Farm near High Newton…
You can hear him comment about the lane being very narrow, there’s a campsite the other end and there’s no way you’d get a caravan down here!
Ahh, bugger, the old fault reoccurs 😦
The transfer box is all new, but the selector lever is the original one, so we suspected that was the culprit… So disassemble the gaitors off the transmission tunnel, disappear underneath and take the stick out, clunk the selectors back into place with a big screwdriver, pop the stick back in and reassemble…
And off we go again…

Brett’s YouTube Video of “Colton”
And then we go for a look at “Gathwaite” slightly off our intended black tracer line…
You can see the crosshair and my direction pointer heading north east above…
Down we go…

Brett’s YouTube Video of us all squeezing through the gate…
We just nipped to see if any work had been done at the sunken ‘bridge’ at approx SD273867 grid reference, but no, this remains impassable at the moment…
Lined up having walked down to see the collapsed bridge.

Brett’s YouTube Video of us coming back from investigating and squeezing back through that gate again…
Back on our intended route then…
And then up (for a change) heading south on the map above…

Brett’s Video of up to “Low Stennerley”
Next, was meant to be up one of my favourite ‘lanes, High Nibthwaite, but when we got there, there was a group ahead of us struggling up some of the climbs, and when we chatted to them they said there was already another group ahead of them, so we decided…
… to turn around and leave it, no point over-crowding the ‘lane and waiting for the groups ahead of us to struggle up 😦
Up the west side of Coniston Water then…
And up to High Tilberthwaite 🙂
Dry river bed near the car park at the start / end of it!
At the start…
Leading nicely on to…

Brett’s YouTube Video of the first bit… lots of grading been done 😦

Brett’s YouTube Video of us descending over the rock drop after the gate…
Our view of Colin disappearing over the step…

And more from Brett as I try to run him over 😉
Stunning views (as Brett walks away unscathed)
The view to our right, UCR5003 “Low Hall Garth” to the right, very tight down there! Jimnys Only! 😉

Brett’s YouTube Video of us coming down the bed rock at the end…
Looking back at it.
Following the other four Jimnys to the end of this great ‘lane…

Brett’s YouTube Video of the excellent Holmshead ‘lane.
A rare occasion! My soft-top open to let the glorious weather shine through… gathered at the beginning of “The Old Coach Road”.

Brett’s YouTube Video of the first part of it, thankfully graded since our last trip over here!

Brett’s YouTube Video, ending up with my Jimny waving a tyre at the camera 😉

And from Phil’s perspective behind us…DSCN7899.jpg
Quick stop to take in the views…
Alan getting a bite to eat 😉

Brett’s YouTube Video of us carrying on…

And more…
And then it flattens out a bit…
Over the bridge, and on we go…

Brett’s YouTube Video of a new (to us) ‘lane at / between Moss Dyke and Bowscale.
We’d lost Phil & Rob and Riccy getting off the A66 and arranged by text to meet them at Welton to do Borrans Hill Ford…
Colin looking for the cause of some death wobble when we met up at Welton.

Brett’s YouTube Video of us through Borrans Hill ford 😉
Last destination for the first day of our Lakes Weekend… the Blacksmith’s Arms in Talkin, we had a fantastic night here last year, and the same this year, a well kept pint, a lovely meal, great rooms, and a fantastic cooked breakfast in the morning, and fantastic value too!

If you fancy a night there when greenlaning up in the Lake District 😉


One thought on “Lake District Weekend – Day One / Saturday the 14/07/18

  1. LDW’18 was indeed a great day … only spoilt by my Transfer Box jumping into neutral (twice) … .grrrrrrr!!!

    We do indeed Love the Balcksmiths Arms in Talkin, we SHALL go back there every year.


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