Lake District Weekend – Day Two / Sunday the 15/07/18

Carrying on from Saturday’s Blog
You’ll remember we stayed at the Blacksmith’s Arms in Talkin –
We started the morning early and had a look at Colin’s front panhard rod as it seemed to be causing the “death wobble” he’d been experiencing on the first day. Indeed, the rose-joint on the chassis end had a fair bit of play in it, but the potential replacements that Phil had brought over night weren’t big enough, so Colin started facing another day of the death wobbles… 😦
But, after an excellent cooked breakfast we gathered for another day of greenlaning in the Lake District / Cumbria…

Brett’s Introductory Video for Day Two then πŸ˜‰

Brett’s Video of the first ‘lane of the day, it turns out to be graded and flat, but always worth a look! A gentle start to the day then, warm the Jimnys up πŸ˜‰
Ah, as you’ll hear at the end of the video, Brett’s CB is playing up… it would receive but not transmit 😦
DSCN7917.jpgThe second ‘lane of the day then “Albyfield”…

Brett’s Video of it… and gathered in the field we find a group of 4x4s preparing for a trial!
Possibly the AWDC ? (All Wheel Drive Club)

Brett’s Video of “Aiketgate”…
The old tractor is still rusting away beside the ‘lane 😦

As Brett says on the video, another favourite ‘lane “Petterilgreen Cottages”
Riccy disappearing into the stream…
And, as at the end of Brett’s Video above, a well placed lump of tree was in the middle of the ‘lane, and took five of us to roll it sufficiently out of the way to allow us access…
On you go Brett πŸ˜‰
Heading back to my own Jimny…
And about to pass the huge log, following the others up…

As you can see in Brett’s next Video, to the end of the ‘lane.

Next! Barrow Mill ford… a bit lower than usual! πŸ˜‰
Thank looks a nice cool place to spend a few hours chillaxing?! πŸ˜‰

Then “what goes up must come down” – back down Petterilgreen Cottages
Back through the big dip into the stream, and up the slope…
And over that big log you can see kick Brett’s Jimny around in his video above…
It also had a go at my Jimny 😦 …
It looks rather low at the back?!
That log won, and tore the top shock mounting off, and stole my spring!…
So Alan walked back to retrieve the spring, as…
… Brett and I removed the shock and strapped the spring to the seat so that we could carry on…

Next ‘lane then! “Faugh Head” and a great find…

Another lovely “green” lane!

Croglin Hall, Whin Fell
Not quite “as map” at the end, as the route seems to go across the middle of the field, as there in no route / exit through the woods shown on the map?
To our right in this photo… the only exit / gate is in the middle of the stone wall ahead of us.

Next, “Renwick”

Then “Haresceugh”
Nice photo of the other Jimnys in front of us πŸ™‚

“Unthank”, there’s an odd name?
We then stopped for a little unplanned break as Phil’s Jimny was running rather warm after the last climb, so I had a nice lie in the heather and watched the clouds go by… πŸ™‚

“Two Top Hill”, in the midst of being graded…
Nice photo from Colin of us lined up at the top…
Nice view behind!
Dropping back down again… Yes, that’s my rear spring seat! LOL

Off an odd bend in the road?!

Gamblesby to Viol Moor… VERY bumpy and rutted towards the end…
So much so…
My strapped down spring unseated itself at the top and wrapped itself around the top spring mount! So we ended up unstrapping it, fighting it free with the pry bar, and then restrapping it to the axle’s spring seat again 😦

Glasonby… note the gate at the beginning of the video? As we got to the gate five cars later and having not seen how it opened, it looked like the gate was across the field? Indeed it WAS, it was either across the field entrance or the start of the ‘lane? VERY confusing… as you can hear on the video! πŸ˜‰
DSCN7986.jpgConflab over the maps, deciding that time is getting on and we’re not going to manage the whole route…
Back to tarmac for a bit then…
Refuelling… both the cars, and our own appetites…! A cold Diet Coke, Hmmm…. πŸ™‚

“Breatherdale” (over to “Breasthigh Road”) you can here Brett remark that Phil & Rob left us before we took the M6 south from Penrith as they live further up north, so no point them going down to go back up… and on the M6 Colin said over the CB that he’d had enough of the death wobbles and was going to carry on south down the M6 to home…
So just Brett, Riccy and Alan & I carried on…

Carrying on… until you can hear over the CB that my spring had unseated once again…
Unstrap and restrap again then 😦
And on we go again…

Up to the big drain / wash out…

Brett over it πŸ™‚

And then… back down again, my spring having come out again! 😦
To fix it, where we were, I attached my winch to Riccy’s Jimny…
And replaced the spring on the rock trail, to be able to reverse back down, turn around and head home…
Annoying, but at least it lasted the day rather than going home in the morning after ripping the shock mount off after Petterillgreen Cottages… Time for some more repairs then?!

Brett’s customary closing remarks…
Pulled over to reconnect the anti-roll-bars for the journey home, and to shake hands with Riccy…

Another excellent trip / weekend’s greenlaning in the Lake District with a great bunch of mates with a great bunch of Jimnys!

Time to repair them and get them ready for the next trip then? πŸ˜‰

Cheers All!


2 thoughts on “Lake District Weekend – Day Two / Sunday the 15/07/18

  1. LDW’18 DAY2 …. a great day … shame we never got to do Grizedale – another reason to go back up there in OCtober for our annual Day Trip to the Lakes.

    Our planned next trip is a VTS (Very Tight and Scratchy) in North Wales on 12th August … we have two place available if anyone want to join us?????


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