Laning in Shropshire 24/02/2019

Starting on this Blog and subsequent Blogs, we suspect that everyone is aware, but just in case we get some “viewers” of our Blogs and our 4×4’ing ventures around England and Wales, to be sure that everything we do is legal.

I  wanted to ensure that everyone is aware and that promote Legal Green Laning through these organisations:

  1. All Terrain UK (All Terrain UK) –
  2. TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) –
  3. CALM (Countryside Access for the Less Mobile) –

Most of our Jimny Owners (sometimes we let the “token” LR owner out with us – lol) who go out on monthly Trips are either in GLASS or All Terrain UK or like me, are in both GLASS and All Terrain.


Who are GLASS

Formed in 1995, GLASS is the National User Group for those who enjoy using the Country’s network of ancient unsurfaced public roads and vehicular rights of way. We are a not for profit association dedicated to driving, protecting and researching our unique heritage of unsurfaced public highways. We promote legal and responsible driving as a way of enjoying the countryside, campaign against irresponsible use and aim to keep them open for all to use.

What we do

On a local or county level, we meet for ‘Laning’ trips that are organised in accordance with our code of conduct. We campaign against illegal obstructions and for all routes to be correctly signed and recorded.

GLASS attempts to keep you informed of what’s happening to our rights of way up and down the country by means of our monthly bulletins, web forum and through an organisational structure of area representatives. We also publish a magazine twice a year.

GLASS helps educate all users to utilise the network sensibly and sustainably, where problems do exist, we take an integral role in rights of way management. We provide a voice for users of unsurfaced Rights of Way either through our area representatives talking to local highway authorities or our national officers getting our point of view over to the Government, the Press and others.

Member benefits

Glass offers its members access to information and advice, a bi-annual magazine, monthly digital bulletins and full access to TrailWise, our comprehensive on-line database of rights of way in Great Britain.

We also have a network of local representatives who can offer local knowledge and ideas on route planning to our members.

Plus… Members website and forum; Member discounts on selected suppliers; Member of LARA, with a voice at government level; Legal challenges; Knowledge base; Lane based projects.


Join All Terrain UK:      

ABOUT All Terrain UK:

All Terrain UK promotes responsible, sustainable and enjoyable green laning. We are approachable and 100% accountable to our members, operating to highest levels of transparency at all times.

Our network of local representatives regularly arrange family friendly meets and provide members with local knowledge, as well as hosting other events such as map reading workshops, smart trail tutorials, and green lane awareness days.

Membership gives you access to our forum, where you are able to share or download routes from our library of GPX files. Our financial activities are also published on the forum for all members to see, with details being updated regularly.

Members also have access to our maintenance fund, from which, they can apply for project funding. Our projects to date include; lane clearances, gate and fence repairs and provision of way marking signage. Funds can be sought by members, for any project that helps keep our green lanes open and accessible to ALL users.

Smart Trail- Our exclusive mapping database is available to members. Smart Trail will help you to research routes, ensure their legal status and share information on the condition of specific lanes.

OK, thats our disclaimer and our promotion for any Green Laners be they 2 wheels or 4 wheels should get behind an organisation to ensure that our past-time stays intact!


So, back to the the really important stuff … The Blog …

Lane000 Intro Group photo

We all met at the ex-pub called The Acton Arms in Morville.

We had arranged to meet at 8:00AM, and spookily we all arrived within 5 minutes of each other, considering the Very Foggy conditions and the length of journeys we had to make that was impressive:

Brett      75miles

Adam    105miles

Kev         130miles

Left to right in the picture we have Kev and his faithful bitch Freja in his Blue Jimny, then Brett (Billy No mates) in his Green Jalapeno, and then Adam and his Father-in-Law (To Be) in his Silver Jimny.

After a meet and greet and a quick natter – no brekky here and no locally known café, and we had previously agreed to eat en-route, we left the meet point at 8:30AM.

The “first lane” of the day was just a few miles around the corner (which is why we met at Morville, Shropshire) was at a local village called Lower Faintree.

As we left the tarmac for the Byway, there was an ambulance blocking the way forward, all seemed ok with it, so we proceeded onwards, but just before the actual Byway, silly old Brett hadn’t undone his swanky JimnyBits ARB Quick Disconnect Kit – a neat addition that when the ARB is attached when driving on tarmac to stops the sea sickness, but when removed gives the Off-Roader greater articulation.

Oh, and for this and subsequent Blogs we are showing Trailwise2 Lane IDs (free with GLASS) and the All Terrain UK Smart Trail IDs (Smart Trail is free when you join All Terrain UK)

Lane001 Lower Faintree


SMT ID          

Here is the two videos of Lower Faintree that Brett took:



A few miles on tarmac for the next lane at Loughton, we had never done this before, but Brett found it on TW2 and with it being SmartTrail, then it was a goer

Lane002 Loughton



Then a bit more tarmac to find Clee St. Margaret, and what “used to be a great lane” until someone graded it (Boo Hiss). We drove UP Peckledy turned around mid-lane and drove back down it the way we came.

Lane003 Peckledy



We left Peckledy onto a bit more tarmac to next lane after a very nice church in Cleeton St. Mary onto Silvington Common.


Lane004 Silvington Common



A short “C” road to next lane at Hill Houses


Lane005 Hill Houses



A short “C” road to next lane at The Foxholes


Lane006a The Foxholes


SMT ID                 Not on SMT (yet)

A few “C” roads to next lane at Duddlewick. This leave the “C” opposite a dismantled railway (there seems to be a few of these in the area?) and the UCR starts after a White Road and End onto a White Road.


Lane006b Duddlewick



About 2miles on “C” roads to next lane, after on the look-out for Bilbo Baggins in a little village called Bagginswood.


Lane007 Baveney



After the pleasant drive through Baveney Wood, we “ideally” just need to drive “as the crows fly” just 2miles … but the River Severn prevents this, so you can either drive North to Bridgnorth or South West and go through Bewdley. We went through Bewdley on this trip, as it was a town I used to visit EVERY SUNDAY (way way back in 1973 when I had a Triumph Bonneville – good times) anyway, I ramble … once through Bewdley, we turned Left onto the B4190 towards Franche passing signage for Habberley Valley, which also brought back memories (we used to there at night with “chicks” on the motorbikes – so no more!) … anyway, get back the 4×4’ing Brett …. Turn Left onto A442 North looking for lanes around Alveley.

I saw this on the Memory Map and wondered why I hadn’t plotted it on the route. good job as we got to the start it was TRO.

So back onto A442 to find the excellent Pipe Lane at Turley Green

Lane008 Lake House TRO



Lane008 Lake House TRO

So a quick 180 and back onto the A442 and back onto the route looking for Turley Green


Lane009 Turley Green



Lane009b Pipe LaneLane009a Pipe Lane

After Turley Green (known locally as Pipe Lane) we drove through Alveley and back onto A442 North, missing Hampton Loade on this trip, to TURN RIGHT after Quatt to find another excellent Byway known as Wotton. Sadly, the “OFF-PISTE” twats go here at night and ruin the lane!!



Just South of Alveley is a Byway, that I have always thought of as CLOSED with a TRO, so we stopped to take a photo from the Western End, as the Eastern End it is VERY HARD to stop on the busy A442



Lane009c after Pipe Lane

From this end, it certainly looks like clearing has been taken place?!!

Anyway, we didn’t drive it, but just added here to remind me to contact GLASS and/or All Terrian to see if the TRO has been removed??

So, back onto the A442 and heading northerly on the A442 to find the next Byway and FORD at Wotton


Lane010 Wooton

After Wotton back on “C” Roads and cross over the A458 towards Morfvalley FIRST RIGHT to find the nice but short Byway at Farmcote.


Lane011 Farmcote



After Farmcote, we stopped at the bottom of the now infamous “Milk Tray Man Lane” where I took a photo of the HUGE Stone …

Lane012c Milk Tray Lane

Continuing through Farmcote and Upper Farmcote to find the next Byway from Upper Farmcote to Woundale.

We stopped halfway (I know, SHOCK HORROR) to let Freja out for a piddle a bite to eat, whilst we had a natter and some grub.

Lane012e Upper Farmcote (Freja)Lane012d Upper FarmcoteLane012c Upper Farmcote


Lane012 Upper Farmcote



After Woundale we drove towards Claverley to drive the Byways and UCRs around this quaint village with BMW drivers who don’t use their indicators.

Oh, I drive a BMW, but my indicators do work, but I can understand why lots of people complain about BMW drivers.

After Claverley, Adam’s Jimny was “steaming” as he’d forgotten to switch ON his electric Kenlowe Fan … we waited for a few minutes for it to cool down before continuing. I’m sure that if Mr. Blogger was there, he’d have taken a photo, but he was at home keeping his couch from flying away!!


Lane013 Claverely



After Claverley a short “C” road to next lane at Sandford


Lane014 Sandford



A short “C” road to next Byway at Draycott


Lane015 Draycott 



After Draycott, time to undo our Hubs as we had a few miles of Tarmac to find next lanes at Buildwas and Watery Lane (Leaton). The journey took us through Ironbridge, and as the SUN WAS OUT, so were the frigging Tourists!!

A note to anyone reading this BLOG …. ** DO NOT GO TO IRONBRIDGE IN THE SUMMER ** it’s CRAZY BUSY!!

Buildwas UCR was just short drive after Ironbridge and passing The Wrekin (Kev said this a good place to go MTB’ing – I think that’s what he said??!)


Lane016 Buildwas 



A cracking UCR that ends up in Little Wenlock, and for us a short trip on tarmac to get under the M54 to find Leaton and its allegedly Watery Lane.


Lane017 Leaton



Watery Lane … Stew Fine lives here (LOL)


After Watery Lane, more undoing Hubs as lots more tarmac to find next Lane at Cowley and Upper Cowley.


At Cowley there are people with Metal Detectors in most of the fields around, apparently, it’s an area of an old Roman village …




Lane018a Cowley

Lane018b Upper Cowley

Lane017f Upper Cowley TunnelLane017e Upper Cowley TunnelLane017d Upper Cowley TunnelLane017c Upper Cowley Tunnel



After doing the UCR at Cowley, then passing Treasure Hunters, we stopped halfway down the UCR at Upper Cowley to see the “Tunnel”

Onwards after Upper Cowley to Cotonwood





Lane019 Coton

A short “C” road to next lane at Sutton




Lane020 Sutton

Lots of tarmac roads on “B” roads and A41, leaving it at “another” Sandford” to find Prees, Prees Station and a village called Coton. Here there are three UCRS almost back to back .. Coton Park Farm, Alders Farm and Dobson’s Bridge … all are squidgy as they all skirt a branch-off from the Llangollen Canal.




Lane021 Coton Park Farm

After Coton  Park Farm a short drive to Alders Farm





Lane021 Alders Farm




Lane022 Dobson’s Bridge

After Dobson’s Bridge, skirting (nice word that – lol) Wem and now south towards Alderton and the great UCR towards Bilmarsh

Half way up Bilmarsh, we had to remove a fallen twig.

At the top of Bilmarsh we did a 180 and went back down it to Alderton.




Lane023 Bilmarsh

Now in Alderton, aiming towards Myddle and up the A528 towards the UCR at Burlton




Lane024 Burlton

A short “C” road to next UCR at a “stinky” (yes it smelled awful) at Cockshutt (Kev thought it should’ve been called Arseshutt – lol)




Lane025 Cockshutt

And a short drive to next lane, Crosemere …




Lane026 Crosemere

A short “C” road to next lane at Crosemere, but the way forward was locked by a Chain that had obviously been around the tree for a few years

Croesmere Gate

So back through Crosmere, to find the planned last lane of the day at Colemere.

On our last years’ trip on this route, where we also had Colemere as Last Lane of the day (or as we like to call them Penultimate Lanes, as history says to us that the last lane is always where trouble occurs!!)

Anyway, I decide to show Kev and Adam and Steve where Colemere ends onto the A528 to see how T&S it is….

We agree that it is indeed Very Tight and Very Scratchy, and the plan was to go look at the other end of the lane (Colemere end) and drive until it gets narrow and have a walk down it to see if it’s “passable” for Jimny’s.

Indeed, it was TIGHT …

Kev (ever the Borneo King) was keen, and rightly so as it turned out was keen to walk it, and at the same time remove small trees and bushes to “let Jalapeno loose” as he said (very righty) “This is just the sort of T&S Lane that Brett and Jalapeno loves” …

I’ll let the videos do the talking …

We arrived at Colemere around 4:30PM and drove off the UCR at 6:00PM – well wort the effort, even if tree did jump out on me, to steal my Left Front N/S Wing …



Lane027a Colemere

Lane027b Walk1 Colemere

Lane027c Jalapeno Colemere

Lane027d Ken Colemere

Lane027e Walk2 Colemere

Lane027f Jalapeno after ColemereLane027g Jalapeno after Colemere

Kev after Colemere

It was now almost dark and time to depart on all our differing journeys home, so just the last thing to do, to record the Closing Remarks





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